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'Unwordable' & 'Unformable' Things

“It’s all the unwordable things one wants to write about, just as it’s all the unformable things one wants to paint” -Emily Carr


Emily Carr...

Over the six years that I lived in Victoria I walked past this lovely James Bay house many times, and while I always admired it I didn’t really appreciate how amazing it was to be so close to such a talented artist.  410 more words


Emily Carr at Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

Emily Carr at Dulwich Picture Gallery combines many of my favourite things – South London galleries, museum objects and abstract/cubist art. I have never heard of Emily Carr before or seen any of her work so I really liked how Dulwich Picture Gallery piqued my interest in the first room with bold, vibrant, lush green paintings of the Canadian forests surrounding artefacts from indigenous peoples borrowed from the likes of the British Museum. 396 more words

Museum Review

You ARE Famous. We Can Help With That

OK, so you are thinking of joining in on the fun in the Almost Famous Show and Auction? Here’s what Julia Trops did with Emily Carr. 163 more words


Delight or Despair?

Last week, my fantasy novel, ‘The Whirlstone,‘ was rejected by the literary agent I’d submitted it to in November. Usually, this sends me into a state of despair whilst I decide that everything I have ever written is utter rubbish and might as well be burnt, made into paper mache or shredded into tiny pieces. 125 more words


Emily in England

Emily Carr was both artist and writer. Something I didn’t know: she took a writing course at Victoria College in the summer of 1934.* Bed-ridden by illness, she wrote towards publication from 1937 onwards. 1,161 more words


Advent 2 - Isaiah 40:1-11

This is not my most successful transfer from a sketch. I really wanted the flower to look like a bleeding heart but I didn’t get the shape right despite three attempts in the sketchbook.The stem was created using watercolor pencils and then embroidering with a straight stitch. 49 more words

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