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140.365 (9th sentence of Jean's 79-sentence autobiography)

Although I’ve just taken my first step, I’m already doing it wrong, not straight-and-narrow enough, so he fumbles at my soul, the revenant divinity, corrects my pigeon-toes with iron braces so I might walk the straight-and-narrow upright, stunning the nascent, twisted soul of my legs by degrees.


Duality of Silence

In The World of Silence, Max Picard quotes Goutran de Procius’s Kablina, where he sums up so lucidly the duality of silence, that tension between rapture and fear familiar to anyone that chooses to spend long periods of immersion in silence. 256 more words

20th Century

The Shadow at the End of the Tunnel

I’ve tried to eliminate the obsession. (Which one?) I’ve tried to push it out of my life. (Good job, nice try.) The tragic reality, the truth of the matter, (the cold, hard fact), is that there is really no avoiding the inevitable. 796 more words


139.365 (8/79)

But our unfurnished eyes and our unhoused mouths and our unschooled tongues and our unfinished noses and our unplayed ears and our unmade heads — these are the only holy hosts that any infant knows.


Death of a Christian

Hey all! Happy almost-weekend!

This poem I’m sharing today is one I wrote as part of a class assignment in which we were to describe the emotions of an elderly Christian fearing death despite his or her beliefs about life after death. 291 more words

Writing for Our Better Selves

These are the first lines of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh, a poem in nine books which was particularly beloved of Emily Dickinson. I’m just diving in to my copy, an 1884 printing of the 1859 text. 31 more words


The Fireside Poets

In class, we are learning about the Fireside Poets. Namely, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson.

They’re probably two of my favorite poets that we have read about in this class so far. 571 more words