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Emily's official twitter account

Just to confirm, Emily has only one public, official twitter account – which we hope someday she will pick up again, ’cause we miss her – which is… 36 more words


Ginger Snaps

The eternally beautiful older sister who someday snaps. (I have one. She did not snap but she is a wolf lover/ enthusiast of everything wolf like, too.) Ginger and her sister have a strong bond. 114 more words


31 Screams in October, #10: Ginger Snaps (2000)

Director: John Fawcett

Starring: Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche, Mimi Rogers

Puberty… it’s unavoidable. Everyone must go through it eventually; it’s just a question of when. 815 more words

Movie Review

31 Days of Halloween

Ginger Snaps (2000)

“Out by sixteen or dead on the scene.”

Here’s a serious question for you, girls. How is experiencing your first visit from Aunt Flow synonymous with contracting a socially-crippling case of lycanthropy? 119 more words


Ginger Snaps (2000) Blu-Ray review

Starring: Katherine Isabelle, Emily Perkins, Mimi Rogers, Kris Lemche

Written by Karen Walton, John Fawcett

Directed by John Fawcett

When Ginger (Katherine Isabelle) is bitten by a werewolf and begins changing, it is up to her sister Brigette (Emily Perkins) and a local drug dealer to attempt to save her. 925 more words