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Final approval of everything...

The Waiting is over and it’s confirmed, I passed my medical exams; I received my final approval 2 days ago and officially I’m moving to Dubai…and the countdown has begun. 350 more words

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After the Golden Call..Medical tests.

I must say, the entire process of becoming cabin crew is nerve-wracking. From the time you submit your application, to your assessment day, to your final interview and searching information on the web, forums, blogs or even  in the facebook page “Emirates approval in progress status”  while preparing yourself with the nervousness of making it through every stage; and when finally you pass every stage and interview, the waiting begins to receive the Golden Call. 322 more words

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The Golden Call

Last Night I was so desperate on getting my Golden Call that I couldn’t sleep, wondering when, WHEN I’ll receive that call!! My boyfriend arrived late from work at 2am and we started talking, eventually talking about Emirates UGH! 238 more words

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-31 Days: [Trip to Korea] The Transition

I’ve doubted that if I really want to set this on forth. After two times of failure on the scarce so called ‘Open Days’, and the final success gained on the third trial that was obviously rewarded with the ‘Golden Call’, I wans’t sure if I still want to do this. 286 more words

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Final Interview-Emirates

On a previous post of assessment day of Emirates, I wrote about the process, the elimination and some tips that it can be handy for you. 642 more words

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Assessment day: 27 September 2014

Final Interview: 29 September 2014

Interview completed: 9 October 2014

I’m currently in Jakarta and on to Bali tomorrow to pass a few weeks while i wait :) on my flight over i was flying Emirates and spoke to some cabin crew and the guy sitting next to me was actually an Emirates pilot from Jakarta so that was nice , and on my way out of the plane the Flight Pursor gave me a bag of emirates goodies! 188 more words

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What to expect at Emirates assessment day..

So, you applied on Emirates online page and received an invitation to attend the assessment day (yeiii!!!) OR there’s an open day in your city in which you can attend and hand over your CV without an invitation.  1,508 more words

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