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Dubai Week Three 💘💘💘

THREE WEEKS!!!!!!! What!!!!!

It’s worrying me a little that I’ve not been homesick once yet 😳 don’t get me wrong, I miss my family and friends so much!!! 335 more words

Dubai Week Two 💘💘💘


Eek okay so this week has been a little more intense than week one. I’ve never done so much studying/ revising before in my life!!! 445 more words

Dubai Week One 💘💘💘

I actually cannot believe I’ve been here nearly 9 days already, WHAT!!!!

It has absolutely flown by, I meant it when I said I haven’t had an hour to myself in my apartment where I haven’t been sleeping! 957 more words

Emirates, 4 days to go.

My dear followers/reader!
I first of all would like to apologise for not posting anything lately. I have been busy with shopping, partying & spending some quality time with my friends & relatives.  244 more words

My Top 10 Things to do in Dubai 👣

Last time I visited Dubai was back in 2012 and as I was with a crew that had already been that year, we didn’t get to do a lot of the touristy things. 717 more words

Reality has hittttttt..... I'M MOVING TO DUBAI!!!

So I’ve been ridicccculously busy!! Have not had a moment to look at this :(

But here I am :)

So I’ll fill you in on my crazy last week…. 783 more words

Cabin Crew

Accommodation details

Holy moly we’re down to 8 days 😳😳

Just received my accommodation info… I’m 900m from my best friend and less than 500m away from a girl I know from home and a couple of girls in my batch 😀 … 267 more words