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Who really needs a Carbon Tax anyway?

We have a problem.

Climate Change is real, in fact, let’s not call it ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming’, let’s call it something else, because those terms have been over used and everyone is obviously tired of hearing of them. 694 more words

Hans-Werner Sinn’s theses on climate policy: a puzzle

I recently came across Hans-Werner Sinn’s 13 theses on climate policy. Prof. Sinn’s main target is Germany’s policy of radical transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources – the famous “ 260 more words


Could rising aviation emissions be good for the environment?

international aviation sector is likely to require a substantial number of offsets to meet its goal of achieving carbon neutrality above a 2020 baseline.  If these offsets are forestry related there is the possibility of generating substantial biodiversity co-benefits. 960 more words

Climate Change Policy

Gore slams Abbott’s stance

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has been told to “change or get out of the way” and labelled as a “straight-out climate denier” by former US vice president Al Gore. 10 more words

Hard News

Carbon Tax Palmer United Emissions Trading Scheme ETS Policy Conditions And Review

The carbon tax was designed to minimise the impact (Bumper Bar) before the Emissions Trading Scheme or ETS came into play. 

The Current legislation is in 14 parts and is underpinned by the Emissions Trading Scheme (Commodore with a bumper bar).  102 more words