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'Adult World' Movie Review

Genre: Drama, Comedy                                                                                            Rating: R

Rotten Tomatoes: 52%                                                                                             IMDB: 6.1/10


Adult World sounds like a heavily R rated movie, however it in my opinion barely missed the PG rating. 357 more words



I WOULD’VE NEVER THOUGT. I AM SO BEYOND OBSESSED WITH THIS NEW FASHION PIECE. Ladies, gentlemen and fashionistas, I present to you the milk carton. Yes, you read correctly..the milk carton. 137 more words


Will Poulter Gives Acceptance Speech For 'Best Kiss' At The MTV Awards And It's Really Awkward

Having a three-way-kiss onscreen is awkward but after what the We’re The Millers star, Will Poulter, said on stage at the MTV Awards, he might have won that debate. 192 more words


REVIEW- Noah: On Eco-Warriors, Rock Monsters and the Gospel Truth

Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky has mashed up various ideals & theories such as creationism, evolution and environmentalism in his latest $125,000,00 kinda biblical-kinda-pro-vegan epic, Noah. 562 more words


Film No 22 : We're the Millers

This was the holiday film. You know the one. Where you rent a cottage and it chucks down with rain, so the kids are stuck indoors watching DVDs. 207 more words


Angst Nauseam

I originally picked up my copy of The Art of Getting By (2011) in a charity shop (for 50p!), hoping that the tale of a misanthropic introvert who learns to open himself up to love might inspire me in some way… but sadly all this  indie-schmindie wank-fantasy for socially-awkward, middle-class white boys motivated me to do was write an angry blog post about it! 718 more words