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What happens in a concert venue bathroom, definitely doesn't stay there.

So I went to a concert this weekend. It was great, but that’s irrelevant.

What is relevant is feminism. Heard Emma Watson’s speech yet? 584 more words

Emma Watson

On Feminism

By Alia Al Hazami

Feminism amongst some men has been perceived as a synonym of misandry and, honestly, who can blame them? Some women (KEYWORD: SOME) have been the downfall of it. 420 more words


Reality versus intent OR Why #GamerGate IS evil

I’ve probably never mentioned it before, but I am a gamer.  I love games.  Board games of various shapes and sizes, card games, pen & paper RPG, computer games, video games (old school for Arcade/Console), all of that. 1,741 more words


Noah, Percy Jackson

I’ve watched a few new-to-me movies recently (spoilers ahead). The first was Noah, and I must say, I was severely disappointed. I wasn’t expecting it to be spectacular, just because I hadn’t heard any buzz about the movie, and that’s a bad sign, but I generally like Darren Aronofsky’s films, so I was expecting to enjoy it. 1,120 more words

Movie Review

You Mean Well, But I'm Not With You (A Response to Emma Watson)

So, I only just recently watched Emma Watson’s speech to the UN about how men and women should join with her in calling themselves feminists, and how this is something that men should be just as active and outspoken as women about.  941 more words


He for She

I used to be a stunt actor, and I mean not the dare devil but as an actual trained profession.

I cherish those days, but that does not mean that I introduce myself as a ‘former’ stunt actor wherever I go now. 489 more words