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What color was your baby blanket?

From the second we are born we are introduced to gender labels. Blue blankets for boys and pink blankets for girls. We learn dolls are girl toys and trucks are boy toys. 615 more words


Patriarchy Hides in Trainor's Song

I recently gave this workshop where I opened with Meghan Trainor’s ubiquitous song: “It’s all about the Bass”. Now, on the surface this is a song that seems to be about feminism, self-esteem and breaking the hegemony of the skinny versus voluptuous argument. 762 more words

The Emergent Conversation


It has been a few weeks, but I am back now to take a closer look at the role of hashtags in relation to sexuality and  relationships. 709 more words


The F-Word

Guest contribution by Ashley, writer of TV Gaga

Why does the word feminism have such a negative connotation to it? I recently stumbled upon a pretty disturbing Tumblr page called… 386 more words


A lot’s going on at the moment about Feminism.
Various incidents such as the ‘femme de la rue’, videos, wherein women get catcalled and insulted, the terrible rapes against women in certain countries (such as in India), talk shows speaking about sexist jokes that women have to receive daily, Beyoncé with her sexy and feminist appearance, Emma Watson with her speech….all these events,  and many more, have probably contributed to the revival of heated discussions concerning the topic. 1,083 more words


Rosie Steels #11

Previously on Rosie Steels:  “What did you say they thought he was again?” Maybe Google knows.

“Something like Arrow. No, it was Archer I believe. 425 more words

Rosie Steels

Persuasive speeches

Below are some persuasive speeches delivered by influential people around the world of different genders, nationalities and beliefs. Do you find them persuasive? If so, how and why? 33 more words

Language Analysis