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Top 5 Books of the Week (10): 7/28/14

Once again, I will be sharing my top five this week. Not too many new releases coming out, so most of these will be out already. 364 more words

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Dear Erin: Emma, part 2

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessments of the characters thus far. I haven’t made quite as much progress as I hoped. But I do believe I’ll be finished by Wednesday, in time for my next post. 769 more words

Good Morning Northampton!

As the 4pm show in Waltham, MA came to a close yesterday evening, the entire staff jumped full speed into action. All hands were on deck as the bleachers were loaded out, lights lowered, tents taken down and the back lot disassembled. 366 more words

The best birthday present ever...

Aka, I love my parents :)

I should know my Mom by now. I get my complete inability to handle surprise situations from her. She tends to get upset and lashes out when faced with an unfamiliar situation, only to be totally fine later on. 615 more words


Being cooped up inside, in a glorified single room had been a bitter learning experience for Emma. At first, it had been a joy simply to be out of the cold, to be able to look upon the white world outside the window and know that it didn’t apply to her. 620 more words


Jane Austen: Emma: Chapter 9

Mr. Knightley might quarrel with her, but Emma could not quarrel with herself. He was so much displeased, that it was longer than usual before he came to Hartfield again; and when they did meet, his grave looks shewed that she was not forgiven. 4,755 more words

Jane Austen

Dear Kari: Emma, part 1.

It turns out I’m a lot more tired than I anticipated, so I didn’t get as far into Emma as I liked. But I have reached the end of the first volume, and will be done by my next post. 1,065 more words