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The Med Student

She works two jobs- maybe even three, for all I am aware- to pay her way through medical school. Her hair is pulled back in a tired ponytail- strands of blonde framing a long, pretty face. 382 more words


The Single Mother

This is a character description that I wrote for an old blog. It was one of my favorites

Strong of will; determined at all cost to master life, rather than allow life to be her master. 507 more words


Nature’s Magic

As promised, a dusty treasure from my high school days

A grey stillness engulfed the forest like a heavy blanket. Like a dark tomb, nothing alive stirred and a dank, musty smell permeated its entirety. 1,185 more words


"Writercise" # 4: Rewriting a Passage To Enliven it With Detail

Sorry for the radio silence. This week is focusing on writing with descriptive detail– or rather, showing instead of telling. For me, when I read a book, the difference between me  actually wanting to finish reading your book and me closing it after the first couple of pages, is how the author uses- or doesn’t use- details to describe what they are saying to their readers. 263 more words


"Writercise" # 3: Putting Words into Play

In this exercise, I will chose three words that impress me from a writer in my field who writes unusually well, and use them to put into play in my writing. 258 more words


My Portfolio Cover

Taking a small mind break from my novel writing, I spent about an hour designing a cover for my writer’s portfolio. Not that I have a lot to add in it yet, but when future jobs come knocking, then it will fill it up quite nicely. 67 more words


Saturday Love Affair

As my first challenge comes to a close, I think back to a few short days ago when I launched this blog. You might be thinking, “Why is she getting all nostalgic, only after her first week, as if she had been doing this for her whole lifetime?” Screw that. 315 more words