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The Fifth Taste

Ever since I started the art of meditation, allowing my body to fully imbibe the energy of life; my soul to connect to an elevated ambiance of life’s force; and my mind to come to a state of complete peace and calm, my entire life, perspective, and outlook on the world has shifted considerably. 441 more words


A Wishing Tree for Lucy

” If a wishing tree there were,

I would wish for two dozen soldier men,

Wearing gold buttons, red coats, and shiny black boots,

To play at battle daylong,” said brother Ben. 256 more words


I Have a Writing Gig!

Greetings Friday,

As a co writer for what I am dearly hoping will be a best seller, I find that I am hard pressed to find the time to keep up with my blog. 183 more words


Memory Land

Though the years go sailing by,

From the rosiness of youth to wrinkled sagacity,

There is the single thing that reminds us of our purest self, 226 more words


We Didn't All Start Out Brilliant

Greetings Friday,

Might I just add for starters that I am a huge fan of my brother’s blog. http://andypeloquin.com/ Coming from a family of educators and writers, and we two and another of our sisters are three of the few who got the inborn writers gene. 542 more words


The Fourth Taste

Game Day! A day where all video and computer games are banned, and games of wit and intelligence take the floor. Normally, the four kiddos I take care of- known to many as my nephews and niece- are rather fond of wiling away the summer hours planted on the same single spot, rather like a vegetable. 612 more words


I Am Young

I am young; my heart still warm with life.

My blood still sweet; not yet bittered by regrets.

Fiercely loyal to those I love; an immeasurable strength of will. 122 more words