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Come Correct With Autocorrect!

I had this idea!

Autocorrect – for our mouths! My husband and I have been trying it out.

Here’s how it works: When one of us opens our mouths to say something  rude, hateful or downright wrong, towards one another or to the kids, the other interjects with a quick “autocorrect!” and the only response we are permitted to finish with is, “I love you.” 206 more words


Mugalon Fun Quiz

A funny Quiz Game. Guess the word by the smileys, emoticons or icons shown.

Read more at http://loadsagames.com/mugalon-fun-quiz/


Rare emoticon sun spotted in the sky, brightens our day

Earlier this week, one lucky Twitter user sure was in the right place at the right time to get this gorgeous shot of the setting sun…pretending to be an emoticon?! 173 more words


July 25, 2014

Ya know on Facebook how they ask you “how you’re feeling” or “what’s on your mind” and you’re allowed to pick an emoticon that expresses that same state of mind? 9 more words

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Emoticons on Fantage

In case you didn’t know, you can say emoticons on Fantage.

I don’t mean ouo and ono and owo, I mean like :) and :( 50 more words