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Kimbab Boy | Emoticons for Kakaotalk

This is a set of emoticons which I created for Kakao Talk Emoticon Contest 2014. I won the contest and Kakao Talk published my emoticons. 51 more words


You only communicate via emojis and this confuses people

I get that emojis are cute. Yes, I love them too. But I love them within reason – like if I went with an emoji on a first dinner date (probably this guy FYI – :) ), when dinner was over, I’d offer to pay. 599 more words


manual emoticons

i want to write some good post but damn it i am just too busy lately, i will try to write something decent soon. something like the ST bitches about donald trump etc. 85 more words

Racially Diverse Emojis Are On Their Way To Your Phone!

There are certainly dozens of options for food Emoji when looking for the perfect pictorial of what you ate last night. It’s not hard. Likewise, when you need a flower picture, or a puppy, or even poop, you got those on lock already. 244 more words


Emoticon Story

So I had to write a short short (story) for my creative writing class using the emoticon symbols above. I was under a word constraint, which was so hard, becauseI feel like I could have written a whole novel on this! 894 more words

Do You Even Emoticon?

This blog is going to take a look at Emoticons (now also known as Emoji’s) and show how their use dramatically changes the meanings in internet communication. 711 more words