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Welcome to the future: Emoji are admissable in court

At the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the man accused of running Silk Road, an online black market, lawyers are fighting over important evidence rules that no one ever saw coming: the use of emoji. 179 more words

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Negative Facebook Feeds Are Harshing My Mellow

Super secret blog of mine, I have a confession.  I hate the people on Facebook who only share stories or news clips or videos or headlines or newspaper articles that speak of shit that could bring down the highest chemically altered person…ever.   978 more words

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Nausea Mechanics!

I’m working on a series of blogs to detail my cruise experiences last week, but I was thrilled to come sailing home and get back in touch with the connected world.  268 more words

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Twitch Updates: Emote Displays and Sub Loyalty

So, besides being caught up in all the broadcasters and Twitch hittin’ up PAX South, some minor tweaks were made recently that add a bit more perk in your chatting step. 438 more words


A Writer's Struggle

Words are the tool of my craft; it is how I express myself and create my art. It is also something that everyone else uses on a daily basis and is essential for communication, regardless of form and language. 292 more words


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The expansion of the “internet universe” is determining lots of “collateral effects”, among these we underline the spreading of a certain “linguistic scissors” between the… 932 more words

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