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Just Bleed

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” –Ernest Hemingway

I love this quote, probably because it relates to my writing style so accurately. 642 more words

Rediscovering My Creativity

I had been recently feeling like something was missing, and I honestly couldn’t figure out what it was. I’ve managed to (mostly) balance a work schedule with an exercise schedule… and it seemed for awhile that was my biggest hurdle in the pursuit to lead a balanced life. 280 more words


Blessing for today ~ Forgive and let go

Blessing for today ~ Forgive and let go ~
Ashley Turner: 4 Ways To Forgive And Let Go



22.06am very tired

snowman soundtrack

mind somewhere in my past

layers of memories surround me




Tron soundtrack I like

bmx bike

everyday… 28 more words


"I was just..." exercising for active emotions

We want to fill our blank stages with imagined environment. We want to engage physically in that environment to help visualize the imagined. And – most importantly – we want to be emotionally affected by where we are and what we’re doing. 910 more words


Anthropology of a Worldview

James Sire presents an interesting concept in chapter six; he mentions in passing, the effects of a worldview on a people group. He illustrates a Hindu family from India vs. 843 more words


Emotional Connections

Emotional connections are not hard for me. I can form an emotional connection if I choose to. That is the key point, if I want to form an emotional connection I can choose to do so, or I can choose not to do so. 722 more words