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You chug a fifth of alcohol by yourself and

everyone around you is too busy cheering to

wonder how empty you had to be in order to do it.

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The lightswitch is still on!

By: Chris

For my grandmother. I couldn’t wait to share this one either.

Fun Stuff

I Do Wish

I wish I’d held myself together.
I wish I’d done better,
done more, been better.
I could have
been anything
if I’d been anything
to begin with. 72 more words


Winter Solstice


Somewhere between wondering if this is allergy sneezing or a good old fashioned cold, I realized the New Moon & Winter Solstice had arrived. 563 more words



Marvel into the stillness of your life. Let the silence envelop all of you, and feel the presentness of peace that is yours for all time. 43 more words

Living Life, Your Journey, Trust, Believe

Care of Magical Creatures

My life does not go along like most people’s.  And the people around me have to accept my little… idiosyncrasies, and even work with them.  Lori has got pretty good at just going along, and doing her thing, while still being responsive to me. 33 more words


Snippets #3 November 2014 Series

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And you wonder what snippets are? Look here. And the most recent in this latest series: look here. I think you could work your way back through all the snippets I’ve done so far, if you start here.