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you glide through life
a shark in strength

rows of teeth concealed
silently seeking ecstasy.

a hushed tornado of emotional
vibrancy imperceptible except
to those who also… 28 more words



Collidastar crash into me and fill me with your treasures
Unearth my deathly hollows and mask me with your comfort
The void is black and bites upon my heart chewing it away and tearing it apart… 153 more words

Freaked Out and Saddened by the Life (A puzzled monologue of D)

Hi Folks,

It’s Friday, 11 p.m. my local time.

Some I encountered showed “T.G.I.F.” expression not only on their faces but also on their behaviour. They just look lovelier than usual. 684 more words


Tired Respledence

Ego unchained

Brought tired loss

Selfish lethargy

Bred resentment

I find my soul

In tired darkness

My self is realized

In black moments 28 more words


Delirious Dreams: Beast in the Night

I dreamt I was a beast.
Some fell demon.
With vast wings of a bat.
With serrated teeth of a shark.
With outstretched claws of a lion. 135 more words


The Two Friends

There were two girls who were friends.

Like most typical girls, they sometimes cried.

One girl had alot of lucky things happen to her and one did not… 42 more words