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Why start now?

Hey to the world of WordPress…

Let me begin with I really should have started a blog like this years ago. I just never thought I’d keep up with it…  343 more words


Write about what you care about

Ever since I watched a video of Gary Vaynerchuck on social media, I have become slightly addicted to Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, and the like. I was not big on those kinds of sites until I started my own mini business online and each person that liked it or went to it mattered. 309 more words

An Open Letter to my Deadbeat Dad (From November 2009)

An Open Letter to my Deadbeat Dad:

Dear father,

Sometimes I think it’d be easier on my brother, my mom and I if you were dead. 583 more words


Love-hate relationship with the "first day back"

Fresh from all that lovely rest you get from the holidays (more like “I’m still half asleep, I’m not ready for school aargh”), it is always nice to be back in school; you meet people you hadn’t met in a while, and there are hugs and smiles all around the room. 482 more words



I think I’ve finally figured this one out. Why do humans dance?

I’m pretty sure that it’s only humans. At least, after all the hours I’ve seen of wild animals doing their thing, none of them have ever gotten up and boogied. 437 more words


True Vision

What is my Vision?

What do I want?

What do I need?

I am an example.

I have my vision.

I live my vision. 

I am self aware.  33 more words

First, the Worst

Hi all!

Preface…For purposes of anonymity and blatant cliches, I’m going to be using fake names, initials, or places for this blog so that I can say exactly how I feel without fear of ridicule or backlash. 1,482 more words