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Putting my upset into words

Head down
Heavy heart
Misty eyes
Shoulders sunken
Thoughts come and go
My mind follows
Stress, distress
Just upset, want to forget
Carol anne

Marked By Strength

strength (noun) : the quality or state of being strong, in particular.

I consider strength to have a tendency of being misinterpreted. Universally, when one thinks of strength their mind often wanders to those who avoid emotion or those who are physically empowering.

542 more words


I do this for me. This whole “writing thing” is a selfish act. It benefits my emotional health, it lets me relieve stress, and it helps me think things out. 597 more words


Pause for Poetry

I’ve never written a series of poems before, or a sequel to a prequel, but I felt inspiration struck, so wrote I did.

Uncharted Waters, Part I. 183 more words

We aren't born laughing!

I’m always a little confused about the terminal views associated with people crying. It took me a minute to identify the source of my conflicting emotions, probably because I can get wrapped up in the “drama” just as easily as the next guy. 389 more words


I fear I’ve never been very good at introductions. I never know where to start. How do you introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, someone who knows nothing about you? 462 more words


Poem; Blush

They teased me again.

Over the food for lunch we were having a pleasant break
Until one of them mentioned a name, a certain familiar name, 140 more words