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"Straight From the Heart"

“Straight from the heart”…
was a term that came to me today…
and I realized the significance…
of how God sees us this way.

For everything that is done… 122 more words


22 Reasons & Counting


1.  I thought love was more important than compassion, politeness, warmth, respect and maturity.

2. Because I thought emotional blackmail, humiliation and threats were part of every relationship. 279 more words

Emotional Abuse

Life is a "Mash-Up"... but There is a Key!

At this point in my life…
I can totally relate to the words of this song.
I have attached the words…
so you can just read along. 451 more words


Deceptive Ploys: Victims are Not Crazy

This message is for all victims who have been called “crazy” or criticized for their concern or instinctively feeling that something was being deceptively planned or done. 298 more words


Depression: My Child... My Heart Aches For You

My child, my child…
my heart aches for you.
For I feel the heaviness…
when you are so “blue”.
Like a curtain down…
that you can’t see through. 271 more words


Coming to the "Crossroads"

This message is for the many who have had to walk through the valleys of despair and brokenness in our lives. God will give us the strength to overcome and “climb our mountains” as we hold onto Him and allow Him to lead the way. 442 more words


Think Before You Speak

Words tear many down…
so think before you speak.
Will they be good or uplifting…
or is it destruction they’ll reap. 70 more words