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DV Awareness: Child Abuse...Happening More Frequent Than You Realize!

Child abuse is an overwhelming problem in the US today. Unfortunately, most is unseen until a child is hurt. Millions more suffer emotional and psychological abuseĀ  and neglect at the hands of the parents that should be protecting and nurturing them. 300 more words


DV Awareness: Sticks and Stones and Words Hurt

So many of us have been raised with the false words of the famous rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” This is so untrue. 177 more words


Through Rain and Storms...

This is a reminder for all that no matter what we are going through in this life, Jesus has us covered. We just have to trust Him and allow Him to lead us for He is our Healer, our Provider, and our Protector… 115 more words


DV Awareness: Verval Abuse

For October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I want to continue to talk about different aspects of abuse and it’s effects. Many adults live with the effects of the negative words spoken against them from their childhood. 219 more words


DV Awareness: Rape and Sexual Assault Awareness

For October’s Domestic Violence Month, I want to share this song video that I found. Rape and sexual assault cause deep wounds to the victims as they experience a violence that destroys part of them… deep within their being where human eyes don’t see. 177 more words


DV Awareness: Emotional Abuse

For Domestic Violence Month, I want to remind you all that verbal and emotional abuse is the most common types of abuse. Too many people don’t even realize the damage that occurs from the destructive words spoken and the actions done. 256 more words


DV Awareness: The Rescuers~~ A Movie About An Abducted Girl... Sounds Familiar?

This is a reminder about all victims of human trafficking. Many girls are stolen from homes and even taken to foreign lands. We can’t even understand their fear or the pain that they go through… but we can pray for their rescue, that someone will see and recognize these sex trafficking victims and send help… Please contact the organizations below if you witness sex trafficking in your area. 352 more words