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Coming to the "Crossroads"

This message is for the many who have had to walk through the valleys of despair and brokenness in our lives. God will give us the strength to overcome and “climb our mountains” as we hold onto Him and allow Him to lead the way. 442 more words


Think Before You Speak

Words tear many down…
so think before you speak.
Will they be good or uplifting…
or is it destruction they’ll reap. 70 more words


Struggling Through Life...

This is for those who struggle through the day, putting on a happy face, but feeling so empty inside. God sees your brokenness and knows the causes. 369 more words


DEPRESSION~~~Like Walking Through a Tunnel

Imagine this…
Walking through a tunnel…
with nothing in sight.
Feeling for a way out…
but only darkness, no light.
And the tunnel is endless… 366 more words


Daddy's girl...

A princess of his blood

was crying bitter tears today.

His harsh words cut her deep,

her innocence was pushed away…

So wrapped up in himself, 40 more words


A Song to Lift You Up

As I get through this day, I remember this song that has lifted me up through my struggles. May this song encourage many of you as you face the obstacles in your path. 29 more words