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This old saying came to me today…
and I wanted to just share.
For this saying is from many years ago…
but we all need to beware. 379 more words


Bullied and Ridiculed: A Testimony of Forgiveness

Being bullied and ridiculed…
is not an easy thing to face.
Especially when before many…
with such feelings of disgrace.
But Christ set the example… 121 more words


It's Hard To Forgive

Forgiveness is not easy… in fact, sometimes it seems impossible. However, we have to remember that forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It just means trusting God to take care of us and all that comes against us in this life. 129 more words


No Weapon Formed... Isaiah 54:17

There are many who are hurting…
feeling attacks in various ways.
But God’s Word is Truth…
and we can stand on it everyday.
For the enemy comes to destroy… 117 more words


"Straight From the Heart"

“Straight from the heart”…
was a term that came to me today…
and I realized the significance…
of how God sees us this way.

For everything that is done… 122 more words


22 Reasons & Counting


1.  I thought love was more important than compassion, politeness, warmth, respect and maturity.

2. Because I thought emotional blackmail, humiliation and threats were part of every relationship. 279 more words

Emotional Abuse

Life is a "Mash-Up"... but There is a Key!

At this point in my life…
I can totally relate to the words of this song.
I have attached the words…
so you can just read along. 451 more words