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The Storms Within

Just a simple reminder for us today in the midst of our storms: 102 more words



I remember,
I remember three months ago like it  was yesterday, I remember the pain,
I remember things that I pushed to the back of the darkest corners of my mind. 488 more words


Broken and Desperate... A Turning Point

“Broken and desperate” is a turning point for many of us. In fact, all of us need protection and guidance from the “abuses and misuses” of this world to prevent us from reaching this point. 324 more words


Emotional Abuse Hurts Too.

We all know how damaging physical and sexual abuse can be. But sometimes, we forget those silent victims who are hurting just as much: the victims of emotional abuse. 289 more words

Child Abuse

A Pit of Despair

Have you ever felt so broken…
and trapped in a pit of despair.
Well I can totally understand…
for I have surely been there.
And in my devastation… 118 more words


Cry for Help From Hidden Abuses

Many abuses are hidden from the eyes of man…

behind the closed doors of obscurity.

But The Lord sees all and knows all…

even which hearts are filled with evil or purity. 236 more words


"Worthless"... Abusive Words to Many Ears

Every time I see this picture, I think of those who I know that have been wounded by these negative words spoken into their lives. Many have failed to reach their true potential due to the negative impact of these words. 138 more words