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Part 13: Cold War Stalemate

I tossed the last of the ingredients into the blender for my morning smoothie and pressed “blend.”


My heart lurched. The message I’d been waiting to hear back from Brian. 2,477 more words


Part 11: Vanity and Ego

I pulled off my paint soaked gloves, tossed them into the trash, washed my hands and sat back on my heals, exhausted. I’d been up for five hours already, gone to the gym, worked fixing up my classroom for the past two hours, and it was only 10 o’clock. 1,290 more words


Part 4: The Affair Begins

As I led Brian down the wooded path, the question I’d asked myself a million times rang through my mind again. Would I regret breaking through the thin barrier we’d built up by acknowledging our attraction, or would I regret it if I didn’t? 1,603 more words


Part 3: The Budding Affair

My phone lay in my lap as I drove my grandma to a doctors appointment, waiting to hear from him again. I didn’t want to be the first to start the conversation today. 2,343 more words


Part 2: Leading Up to the Affair

Before I go any further with the story of how I began my affair, let me give you some personal background. I offer this not as ‘exuses’ for my actions (because there are no excuses), but as simple history. 1,687 more words


Part 1: Before the Affair

The moment I met my  AP (Affair Partner), I felt an instant attraction and connection. We had a lot in common. He was confidant, knowledgeable, helpful, funny, and terribly interesting. 958 more words


Eye Contact: The Good And The Bad

Truth be told, I’m a really shy person.  That’s one reason I wanted to be a musician in the first place.  I thought I could shine on stage and not actually talk much to people outside the practice room.   1,206 more words