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What is love?

I need to catch a flight in about fifteen minutes, so will keep this short

At this point I have read up enough on affairs to know that many people believe that the love the affair partners feel is not real, it’s some sort of hypnotic, endorphin filled state.   728 more words

The power of the extended pause

Only a few years ago we had a shared computer in the living room. A shared email account and before that just a phone in the hall.   1,050 more words

Cheating Wife

Open letter to Nephila and other betrayed spouses...

I try not to publish the vast majority of comments from Nephila, since they tend to be hate-filled and lack logic or thoughtful reflection

But she has written a series of notes recently about how as the OW, I should be experiencing consequences, I shouldn’t be dating, I shouldn’t try to feel better about myself as a way to pull myself out of my situation.   565 more words

First date

I went on a date last night.  Just a first date with someone from eHarmony.

His name was Dave.  He was tall, had pretty blue eyes, was fun and interesting to talk to.   408 more words

How can something so bad have caused so much good?

I am a person who for better or for worse tends to remember the good of a situation of a relationship more than the bad. 690 more words

An Emotional Affair?

Is it really possible? Why is it considered just as bad as a sexual affair…. I’m going to get a little more vulnerable here and put myself out there in the hopes someone may be delivered from the lies that keep many still enslaved while also praying, the… 2,179 more words


Calm and strong

So I’m going to admit it, I was freaking out a little the last two days.

Lots of emotion–fear, sadness, panic, loss–felt pretty intensely for about 48 hours.   391 more words