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Part 29: Discovery-Day and Farewell

Dazed, I walked into our bedroom. Christian lay on his back, still in boxers only, propped up with his pillows, waiting for me. I climbed up on to the bed and laid fully on him, pressing my skin to his. 3,651 more words


Part 28: Letter from Christian

I opened the letter, fingers trembling. It was a long letter. A very. . . very long letter. I scanned it quickly, searching for the accusations that I feared most. 3,924 more words


Aftermath Of An Emotional Affair: Why You'll Regret It

A year ago I had a huge, embarrassing, can’t think about anything else crush turned emotional affair.  I didn’t really care though.  I just wanted to make the pain go away. 926 more words


Part 25: Gaining Confidence

I slipped one paper after another into the hanging files. Sorting and organizing paperwork at the end of another day, alone with my music and my thoughts. 2,123 more words


Some Thoughts on Divorce.

Divorce is a very sensitive subject to some people.

I’ve never been divorced and I don’t plan on it.

However I’ve notice that people are getting divorced for anything these days. 751 more words

Being Myself And Opinions

Recovering After an Affair: Selfless, Selfish, and Self-aware Mode [Podcast]

You’ve found evidence that proves there is an affair. You’ve done all the steps to end the affair, and now you and your disloyal spouse have made the decision to try to reconcile. 90 more words


Shining Light on the Cockroaches

So there I am, embraced by my best friend just crying my eyes out. All four of her girls including my daughter standing there just looking at us perplexed. 336 more words