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Infidelity qualifiers

Journal Entry #6


A little flirting, too much concern… an affair is born.

He should have ignored any advances of the other woman. 150 more words

In the beginning - 2 weeks post D-Day...

I wrote my experience on Experience Project.  I’d been arguing with him, scared-heartedly, and accomplishing a little. I knew, however, that it was nowhere NEAR ENOUGH. 1,085 more words

On blogging about this... and God/religion in the blogosphere.

I have been reading blogs since the day of D-Day: July 8th, 2014. On that day, I found a secret email address he’d set up (he asked me to check his email, with him nearby – playing video games, what else?! 1,410 more words

Being Good To Me 365 - Day 16 - Laying it out there...Free

So I thought I was free of the rude comments. I was wrong. When my blog was thrown in my face yesterday I decided to be rid of my Facebook page for my blog. 381 more words


He didn't go to counseling....

So PA Man didn’t make his counseling appointment…. He went to the office but they told him that he had an appointment for NEXT Tuesday! 131 more words

Another great blog to follow!

I love Elisabeth Kline…she has a great blog! Also, she has a private FB page where you can connect with other women who are in abusive marriages…just email Elisabeth and ask her to join this page…I’ve found a great group of women who pray and support each other!


Another Day, Another Trigger...

I really should stop watching fucking game shows.

Last night on Family Feud, they asked this question: “Name a place where you would go to secretly meet someone.” 177 more words