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Another Day, Another Trigger...

I really should stop watching fucking game shows.

Last night on Family Feud, they asked this question: “Name a place where you would go to secretly meet someone.” 177 more words

He made a counseling appointment.

So PA Man actually called and made an appt. for this Tuesday with the therapist I found weeks ago….Interesting.

I wonder why? Is it because he feels the “need” to be the “good” dad and show his kids that he’s “trying?” 273 more words

PA Man and counseling...have fun, Dude!

So today PA Man asked me for the info for the counselor I told him about several weeks ago…and I gave it to him.
What he actually does with it, who knows?? 536 more words

The "Flirtationship"

A friend of mine introduced me to this word recently.  Are you in a flirtationship?  Is there a person who flirts with you or with whom you flirt regularly – just for fun, nothing more intended or desired?  72 more words

Christian Women And Adultery

Well, this is sobering...


PA Man and I have three…THREE of these problems!! The only one that doesn’t pertain to us…addiction!

This is an eye opener.

I Love You But I Hate Your Fucking Guts

A strange thing happens when you find your husband has been cheating on you. You find yourself both loving and hating them at the same time. 361 more words

Sexual Addiction, Depression, and the Emotional Affair

I am helping my friend, I’ll call her Pam, end an emotional affair. I mean, it’s not the kind of emotional affair where she tells the guy that she loves him. 1,003 more words