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Now What...

I have survived my first year as a betrayed spouse.

My marriage has survived it’s first year after infidelity.

My husband and his balls remain intact!! 716 more words

Selfishness and chronic heartbreak

He came home and I ignored him. He said, “If we’re not going to be together anymore, can I at least have one last hug?” 617 more words

(What If) It's Not You, It's Me

The past few weeks have been stressful around here.

I seem to constantly be reminding myself that my husband is an asshole. I married a fucking asshole who cheated on me with a… 623 more words

Missing pieces

I shouldn’t have to be the one to piece together his infidelity. “Trash” in his work email (ex-employer’s but the archive is still available to him) is deleted from 12/18/13 to present. 855 more words

Deja Vu and maintaining real-ness...

What her Pinterest Says About Her...

Just a couple of the pit faced whores latest pins…

Wonder what struggle that can be??  Thanks to her, my struggle will probably last until the day I die!! 69 more words

Still In Mourning...

Today I’m feeling sad.

I’m still mourning for my marriage that was.  The pre affair marriage, tho not necessarily the pre affair husband.  He was an asshole, before and during the affair.   318 more words