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Falling apart

It’s been awhile! In truth I sat down over a month ago and wrote this post. Somehow it was deleted and I wondered then, should I even be writing this at all? 975 more words

Faith Can Heal

God works in mysterious ways...

PA Man was out of the country for the last 6 days and a strange thing happened! His cell phone wouldn’t work!

He called our cell provider the day before he left just to make sure of the cost of using his phone while overseas and also to add a global plan that reduces the cost per minute…he did this when he went to Canada a couple of months ago so he wouldn’t have any problems. 668 more words

Making Wiser Choices

I have so many emotions swirling around inside of me today, I felt it necessary to vent. Seeing as how I only have about 3 people who ever read this blog anyway, I figure why not? 800 more words


Why I've decided to rejoin the blogging world....

As I sit here writing this, I have two loaves of freshly baked bread cooling on the counter, and a maple glazed pork loin in the oven…I love to cook, and I usually try to cook a big Sunday dinner because that’s when my oldest son and his wife, my wonderful DIL, come over after church and spend the afternoon. 687 more words

Anonyman the Hero

I found an interesting blog post yesterday on Insist on Honesty. It was written by a wife whose husband had a deep emotional affair after having a long string of inappropriate friendships (could be wrong on the particulars here – I haven’t read the blog before). 949 more words


Hello 2015, Please Be Kind

It’s a new year and therefore a new start.

For people who’ve been cheated on, the start of a new year signifies a way to say goodbye to a shit-filled year, and hello to something that’s hopefully an improvement. 526 more words

What It's Like to Fall Back In Love

I figured I would post something positive after my last story I shared. Since the whole crap-tastic emotional affair a lot has happened. I try to remember mainly the happy things but the bad things still resonate in my mind, mostly when I’m angry or upset. 399 more words

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