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A Year - Part 2, After "Hi"

I won’t even make up a name for this person. I saw it right after the simple “hi” she sent.

My marriage was around twenty years old at this point, so I hadn’t experienced that rush that comes when an infatuation with a relative ghost goes noticed. 471 more words

Emotional Affair

A Year - Part 1

Last year, around this time, I was looking for new poetry blogs to read. I found many of the same old over-reaching journal keepers, wearing out the thesaurus and really trying too hard. 286 more words


Infidelity: The Trauma That Lingers

I’ve heard it many times from many different traumatized men and women. “I can’t sleep,” “I keep seeing it over and over in my mind,” “I’ll never get over it,” “Everything is a trigger for bringing the feelings all right back like it had just happened,” “How am I supposed to go on?–my life is over.” You  might think these people are veterans or that this is going to be an article about grief. 840 more words

The questions, oh the questions!

Sometimes I go for days without thinking at all about what’s happened to me. And then there are days like today … well, like this week really … when questions arrive uninvited in your mind, unwelcome and unwilling to leave until they receive a satisfactory answer. 219 more words

2014: The year I fall apart and try to put myself back together

In February this year, I discovered my husband’s inappropriate relationship with a work colleague. A 6 week long secretive exchange of private messages, which could have progressed who knows where if I hadn’t found out and confronted him. 288 more words

My marriage is over...

So PA Man has been gone this week on his business trip…and it’s been a rocky week.
His PA was in full emotional abuse mode…and I’m tired of it! 706 more words

A HASTY AFFAIR - Say What You Need To Say

Sandy Ramsey of Mother of Imperfection asked me to say what you need to say.  I had no idea what to say.  I have had months to think about it and one night I realized what I needed to say.  212 more words