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Why Do People Still Cheat?

No matter what the situation is or what the initial reasons are for cheating, it boils down to 2 simple (but not insignificant) causes: immaturity and/or insecurity. 650 more words


The Choices We Make for Love and Friendship

In this particular context, when I say love, I’m referring to romantic love, the kind you share with your significant other (SO), and when I say friendship, well… I’m referring to just friendship (the platonic kind). 617 more words



“How does it happen, great love? While nobody knows, I can tell you that it happens in the blink of an eye. One moment you are enjoying your life and the next you are wondering how you ever lived without them.” 480 more words

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So this is my outlet. This is my corner where I run to when there’s something seriously bothering me.

This is where I go to vent; an online diary. 437 more words

Life As We Know It

having a big heart leaves the door wide open for spreading yourself way too thinly. that being said, it’s also pretty legitimate to believe that each piece of your heart that you give out is overflowing with deep love for the recipient’s tried and true character. 

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