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Understanding Relationship #1

As our children grow into adults, the confusion rampant in their inner world can come out in hurtful ways, especially toward their parents. In some ways, it is wonderful that they feel safe enough with us to let their ugly side out… but often we feel less than honored by the attacks. 205 more words

The Compromise

Hunger drips down her lips
with metallic intent;
the air is busy,
and unfortunate.

I follow her startled shadow
across the sky, where she carves… 45 more words


Skipping Stones

One sunny day

When inclement weather was

But a distant thought

You arrived on

The shores of my soul

And, with great care

Began to search… 96 more words


Flashing Strangers

When you get to know someone, it gets harder to expose yourself to them. Strangers, you can flash ‘em and run. You have emotional distance. You can stand in front of them naked easier than you can in front of your brother, sister, father, mother. 227 more words

Streams Of Thought