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Increase Emotional Intimacy Without Pursuing More

You are feeling lonely, so you nudge your spouse: “I wish you listened to me like my friends do. It’s so hard for me to talk to you.” 687 more words

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Lost, Adrift

Lost, Adrift

1 April 2014


Do I miss him?

Like I’d miss air

If you plunged me



And held me

‘Neath the waves. 147 more words


Revising Your Manuscript: The Importance of Patience

After my two-month drafting frenzy in January and February, I was deliriously happy. Now I could finally stop thinking about it. Two months may not seem too long to think about a novel you’re writing, but of course I didn’t start thinking about it when I started writing it. 729 more words


The growing distance between allah swt and me

I may have mentioned on this blog about how I have stopped going to madrasah this year. I feel a great distance, as though there is an ocean between allah and me. 446 more words

A 100 days to a new me : Day 8, on empathy and general cribbin'

The entire morning is spent chasing Vodafone’s absconding pug. He has run away and taken mom’s with him. In short, neither mom nor I have any signal and it is frustrating. 657 more words

Monday village report #16: When resentment adds upon itself and gets hard

It has been one long journey to rediscover the path back to my grandmother’s white gate, where for many long moments I stood wishing there could have been more time. 353 more words

Far Is Near