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Barnacles or Full Steam Ahead?


A crazy image for God to bring to mind.

But poignant.

Since He popped into my head, let’s go with it. Life is like a sailing ship. 808 more words

Inside Out

Confession to be Made

I started flowing a gluten-free and dairy-free diet at the end of 2014/early 2015…about a month ago. The first 2 weeks were pretty bad, looking for foods that didn’t have gluten or dairy, but also didn’t suck. 679 more words

When do you stop eating?

An important part of having a healthy relationship with food (and therefore being healthy) is being able to stop eating because your body tells you to stop and you listen. 985 more words


An old nemesis

I’ve been feeling a bit down today and was contemplating trying another mug cake but I know what’s going to happen – stevia will never be the right sweetener for me, not the amount required for a mug cake. 237 more words

Emotional Eating at Its Worst!!

This has been such a crappy, crappy week in every way, shape and form. A stronger person would not have let the crappiness affect other aspects of their life. 133 more words

Bad Habits don’t die, you have to kill them!

Confession Time:

I have a coffee addiction; but not just any coffee addiction, an extra cream and sugar iced coffee addiction.  Freezing cold outside with no gloves?  465 more words

so much room for activity!

One week ago today, I had my stomach follow-up.  Two of the recommendation biggies were exercise more and follow the GERD diet.  I’ve had moderate success with the GERD diet, and today marks the 1 week anniversary of only having ONE cup of coffee a day – YAY! 476 more words