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Thursday Tidbit - Chris Pratt Gets It

Guardians of the Galaxy officially opens tomorrow but I am excited to say that my husband and I are catching an early showing tonight in just a few hours!! 333 more words

Dear Weight Gain: What's the Deal?

I woke up today, ready to CRUSH it with my willpower (lol) and wondered if willpower, calorie control, and working out was THE solution for my lifelong battle with weight. 899 more words


Oh really, Whole 30?

Ok.  I haven’t read the book.  I’m sure there are important reasons in regards to emotional response to food or something idiotic like that.  But I do NOT agree that we can’t enjoy healthy, whole foods that are encouraged on the Whole30 diet if they are “whipped up” somehow to remind us of foods we love. 259 more words


Spotlight on Emotional Eating by Jacqueline Hurst

Jacqueline Hurst is a leading Hypnotherapist, Emotional Eating Expert & Life Coach. Jacqueline has kindly agreed to shed light on the subject of emotional eating with a guest article for The Nutritionista, I hope you enjoy her expert opinion on what is a fascinating subject. 779 more words


Making my Aunt's famous Pie and Enjoying every bite...

I visited with my Great Aunt the other day. She is one of my oldest living relatives connecting me to my ancestors of the past. I love her house and her land. 386 more words

Allow Your Children the Luxury of Being Imperfect Beings

We live in an age in which “everyone gets a prize.” Parents not wanting to disappoint their children, give every participant a ribbon. The world is unfair; in life, everyone does not get a prize. 530 more words


Binging on food – Binge Eating

By David Joel Miller

Out of control eating is officially a mental illness

With the advent of the DSM-5, Binge Eating Disorder (307.51 F50.8), is officially a recognized mental illness. 1,042 more words

Dsm 5