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Energy of Emotion - Anger

Emotion is energy, just like thoughts are another form of energy. I believe emotion is what makes humans difficult to evolve spiritually. I’ve been experiencing a tornado of anger lately and I thought I would write about anger today. 730 more words


Empathic Energy Management

Empathic Energy Management

Understanding the energy you work with and the levels of consciousness that enables you to work on are important considerations when you are working spiritually. 256 more words


Facing the Dog

Earlier today, I read a great post on Facebook from one of my granddaughters. She was sharing a line she read in a book about how “it’s just like facing a dog that’s going to bite you. 186 more words

Why are some interactions energising while others are not?

We subsume such a wide array of phenomena under the category of ‘interaction’ that we sometimes risk obscuring the diversity within this category. One important way in which interactions differ is in how  2,005 more words

CRAZY for the Candida Cleanse

When it comes to finding a sense of balance, there is one thing I have discovered to be crazy influential. While everyone knows you need a work-life balance, healthy relationships and friendships, positivity in the workplace etc. 844 more words