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When that "F*CK YOU" slips out...

Today I yelled at Micah while we were out with others.

It wasn’t too loud in terms of decibels but I felt a rage within.  I should have taken some deep breaths instead as my thoughts and emotions come charging way too fast.   958 more words



After the yoga class and all that progress, these last two days blogging about anxiety has brought it all out into my skin. I am buzzing and my skin feels sunburned even though it’s not (although usually I feel cold to my very core, this is different). 220 more words

Emotional Healing

2014: The year I fall apart and try to put myself back together

In February this year, I discovered my husband’s inappropriate relationship with a work colleague. A 6 week long secretive exchange of private messages, which could have progressed who knows where if I hadn’t found out and confronted him. 288 more words


Memories like fingertips trip inside my brain

You would think I would stop being scared by now, but every time I sit down to blog, I find myself purposely distracted, thinking of a million things to do besides blog. 904 more words

Emotional Healing

Weekly Forecast ~ July 23, 2014

Know where you are in your journey. Here is your Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast, beginning Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

Calendar Week 30 is a 3 global week (3+0=3). 1,356 more words

What is Triangulation?

The situation involving triangulation is one that most people have experienced, but this is particularly true for those of us who have suffered childhood abuse or trauma.   461 more words


On the Sovereignty of God and Forgiving Others

We can forgive those that have hurt us- because our God is sovereign.

The Lord requires that we forgive our enemies; that we forgive the people that have injured us (Matthew 6:14; Colossians 3:13). 549 more words

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