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Ghosts from Our Past

We run from ghosts of our past,

Lurking in the shadow is fear.

Nowhere to run now,

But to face our past,

Memories best forgotten, 65 more words


Your Apology Isn’t Enough

Although you can genuinely forgive a person, some things people do to you require more than a simple apology.  Even if the person accepts your apology, this may not always take away the pain of the wrong you have done.   565 more words

On Our Path to Healing

During a recent conversation with a former colleague and friend, we talked about the life lessons we learned while both working for the same employer and why we were brought there.   415 more words


Where it's Dark, there's Love..

I’ve shared with numerous friends and clients to learn to love the darker aspect of life, learn to love you in the space of uncertainty, shame, anger, pain.. 700 more words

Post: letters to those gone on to God

Writing letters to grandparents, and relatives who have gone on to God, is a powerful means to release a lot of pent up feeling and emotion; very cathartic. 233 more words

Emotional Healing

Restoration to health

Isaiah 38:16: O Lord, by these things men live, and in all these is the life of my spirit. Oh restore me to health and make me live! 1,150 more words