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4 Books on Emotional Healing

Lately, I have stumbled upon good reads on Emotional Healing. Churches are plagued with people who became Christians but never let Jesus heal their heart and mind from the past completely. 234 more words

Letting Go of What is Not Meant for Us

On my journey, the most difficult thing I have found is to gracefully let go of things not meant for me.  I have faltered many times on my journey, and this is intended to teach me to let go of what is not meant for me.   280 more words


Living Our Truth

My recent spiritual and emotional growth have given me experiences that I have never felt before for any lengthy periods.  My feelings about myself and others are so vastly different than what I had felt earlier in my life.   201 more words


Elisabeth Elliot on Leaving Self Behind by Forgiving Others

Elisabeth Elliot on Leaving Self Behind by Forgiving Others

Yesterday, I wrote that we can forgive those that have hurt us- because our God is sovereign. 65 more words

The Believing 21st Centruy American Woman

The granite skyscraper

Sheesh, I started talking about anxiety, now I can’t stop. There is so much to say, it has been such a large part of my life for so long, and only recently did I even realize these feelings were coming from me. 475 more words

Emotional Healing

When that "F*CK YOU" slips out...

Today I yelled at Micah while we were out with others.

It wasn’t too loud in terms of decibels but I felt a rage within.  I should have taken some deep breaths instead as my thoughts and emotions come charging way too fast.   1,072 more words