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Self Harm: My Story

I remember being in my early teenage years and feeling sick and tired of the pain that I was suffering at the hands of someone that cared about – along with his friends to back him up.  736 more words


At Home Spa: For The Soul

Your body is your temple. Born into this world we are cared for by an older, experienced individual. Taught how to bathe, brush our teeth, and comb our hair. 402 more words

Holistic Approach

Screw It

I’ve been struggling a lot with this whole issue of over-thinking my parenting.  What I realized today is that I feel so inordinately responsible for my kids’ emotional health.  872 more words

Learn to ask “What?” in Life’s Times of Trials …

This past week I had an opportunity to discuss the journey that led me to grow my faith. Although I have just written about that journey in my self-published book, Asking What: No More Whys, this was yet another time to develop another area of my faith. 548 more words


Why are there more girls self-harming than boys?

When looking into self-harm, what stuck with me most was that the number of girls self-harming is significantly higher than the number of boys.  It really got me thinking and all I wanted to understand was why?  535 more words


Take Another Look

To live as though there is no meaning or purpose within the experience (whatever the experience might be), is to exist with great emptiness.Take another look. 26 more words

Spiritual & Personal Development

It Takes a Village

As alone as I felt on Saturday, I can’t help but reflect on the past week and recognize how much support and advice I’ve gotten from so many people. 636 more words