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The kinds of socialization problems homeschoolers DO have...

So, this came up today.  I was with some other homeschool moms at a park where the kids played and the moms hung out.  It’s great when there are more than two moms because then when a kid needs a mom for more than a question–like some dedicated one-on-one help, snuggling, working through a challenge, or showing us something they made that requires some back and forth questioning and interest–the remaining mom has someone to chat with.   1,064 more words

Dementia--Sleeping too much, or sleeping out of boredom?

My aunt is seventy-five. She goes to bed around 9 and sleeps at least twelve hours. She usually takes a nap after lunch. We’ve had her medications adjusted due to her excessive sleeping. 470 more words

Discover the Power of Sacred Healing Salves

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Life Happens...

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Life has been happening! Over the last 2 months, I haven’t been sure if I was coming or going. 547 more words

Emotional Health

Are You Prepared for Mercury Retrograde? October 4-25, 2014

Next Mercury Retrograde period: October 4th to 25th, 2014
From 2 degrees Scorpio to 16 degrees Libra

About the Mercury Cycle
Astrologers look at the position of Mercury to analyse the current mental chemistry of human beings.  993 more words

Personal Growth

29 Ways People Who Live in Peace and Safety Need God's Help Right NOW

Unless you live under the current threats of ISIS or Ebola, this is what your life looks like:

You wake up. Live your life. Go to sleep. 650 more words

Christian Hope & Life

Death of a fellow preschool mom

**Warning – Please do not read if talk of suicide is a trigger for you.**

I’ve tried multiple times to start this post, but I keep on stuttering and never getting anywhere.  676 more words