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The changes you can hope to see

I never imagined when I decided to change my diet that I would be where I am today. I have found myself and who I truly am. 84 more words


Small steps...

There are two ways you can change your life. One, decide to quit all your bad habits cold turkey because you’re so fed up with it all (unhealthy eating, feeling awful, living a life you don’t like, etc). 779 more words


Easter: Imagine Sorrow Changed

Hello Everyone,

We all know that tomorrow is Easter. We all have our family traditions for celebrating it. May the warmth of your celebration be everything you hope. 181 more words

Spiritual Life

Early Morning Musing -October 2013

As of late,  I have found myself during my slumber the inability to really rest. Like close my eyes and have dreams of falling, running, climbing etc. 535 more words


Happy People get Enough Sleep

Did you know that part of the reason that doctors are seeing an increase in depression and anxiety in America is because we have decreased the amount of sleep that we get?  222 more words

Living Well

My Bipolar Pregnancy

I had a friend recently contact me and in essence ask me, “How did you do it? How did you get pregnant and not be on medication?” or “How did you do so well on your pregnancy?” The short simple answer is I didn’t. 2,242 more words

Everything is Revealed by Highlights and Shadows

I originally wrote this post one year ago, after the Boston Marathon bombings. This Monday, the Marathon runs again. In the intervening year, there have been, worldwide, more bombings, more acts of terrorism and aggression, more unrest. 372 more words