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New norm

Modern society has turned away from absolute standards of conduct. Instead of a guilt ethic (restraint by conscience) we have a shame ethic (restraint by fear of apprehension).” Thou shalt not get caught” is widely regarded as Eleventh Commandment. 162 more words



Dr. Heather Drummond, EdD

Counselling Psychology

In the coming weeks, I will be blogging about ways to encourage you to live your most authentic life, infused with the wisdom of psychology. 134 more words


Top Questions about Emotional Intelligence and the Construction Industry - Answered! Part 2

Is there a correlation between emotional intelligence and performance?

I facilitated a program for a top 100 contractor based in the southern United States using emotional intelligence as a foundation for leadership development. 365 more words

Emotional Intelligence

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Do you know what your interpersonal score levels are in the areas of empathy, social responsibility, and interpersonal relationship skills? Take a look at Part 2 of Brent Darnell's EQ series to learn more.

'Do you want to play Questions?' (your secret weapon)

Have you ever read/saw Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead?  It’s an amazing play turned into a very good movie about two of the throwaway characters in… 466 more words


Personality Pedagogy Newsletter Volume 9, Number 2, October 2014

Hello and welcome to the eighty-sixth Personality Pedagogy newsletter highlighting what’s new at http://personalitypedagogy.arcadia.edu. For more about the links below and approximately 3,072 other interesting links related to personality, please visit: … 1,465 more words


How to Love Others without Really Trying

Day 8

I don’t like categorizing people. I don’t think it’s fair to judge anyone by race, class, age, sexuality, gender or even clothing. Sure, you can make some limited assumptions based on a person’s appearance; a person with a runner’s build is probably a runner. 474 more words

21 Day Challenge

Are you perfectly normal? Are you?

What is important is to be honest; with ourselves and with others. You cannot change the way you are, or react to the world, if you are not genuine with yourself. 102 more words