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March 20 is International Day of Happiness!

This Sunday, March 20 is International Day of Happiness.

What makes you happy? Are there ways you can savor those moments of happiness to make them last longer? 114 more words


Yay! Advice on how to be a happy Empath/HSP.


Have you always known there was something “different” about you? Does the world seem to bombard your senses? Have you intuitively known things that others didn’t? 329 more words

Angel of the Abyss - suicide aspect: suicide training (prong 3 of 3)


Again, another poor title and an underdeveloped idea which forms the three prongs related to suicide.

They all work together to offer a better alternative to what the primitive mental health system offered. 348 more words

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A Life Lesson from a Songbird

While walking this morning, I was really taken by the birds and their cacophony of songs.  They were loud and insistent, offering a symphony of sound on an otherwise very quiet morning.   298 more words

Emotional Intelligence

On Crippling Fear

Today, while going through the motions at work, I started listening to TED talks regarding success. I listened to quite a few with ranging emphasis on steps to success, definitions of success, perceptions of success, etc. 1,893 more words

Emotional Intelligence

People put limits on others, based upon their own understanding/awareness/capacity.

It is interesting how people put ‘absolutes’ and ‘limits’ in their thinking, based upon their own capacity and their own abilities, or something they read that reinforces their own belief. 304 more words