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Ripped into Infinity

There are no Hollywood endings.
No one loves me.
The world moves along without me.
They left me in the past.

I sit here as they all go by. 89 more words


Dear Pen

Sink my sorrows on a blank page,
Write the traces of my tears away;
Don’t let pain decide my fate,
Pick up the pieces as my heart breaks. 80 more words

Withering Rose ..

Trying to breathe in a sunken ship,
We end up coughing hurt and tears;
Far apart we slowly drift,
Our hearts break for our end just nears. 149 more words

The Last Pain I Felt

Darkness creeps into my mind
With depression lurking in its touch,
Feel the sorrow heaped in the tears I cry,
Feel it as it tears me apart; 198 more words


Image from: vantavo.deviantart.com


Chains have indented my ankles from clamping forever
And yet it seems like yesterday I saw my freedom
Yet it was only a drink of water, a moment of courtesy… 224 more words




The whispers in my head grow into a scream
Walking broken ground, nothing as it seems

Where to go when left
The shadow of a former time… 131 more words


Flight of the Fledgling

 Sundered heart is heaving fast,
 The muted swan will sing at last,
 When right times have long died and passed,
 And hope lies in repose. 112 more words