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I can feel the anger
It seethes inside my bones
It fixates my interest
When I am all alone

I can feel the tension
It spreads across my skin… 51 more words


The World That Rests Inside

Title: The World That Rests Inside 

When the world takes the light
And steals it from your eyes
Your heart may skip a mile
I’ll be the one that’s standing by… 149 more words


A Place I Can Call Mine

Title: A Place I Can Call Mine

Whispers are digging
As they get deep inside
Derailing my senses
Until there’s nothing to hide

Each step, it wears me thin… 160 more words



The wounds I’ve stitched
Break with a twitch
Everything becomes alive

The dead inside invigorates
I forget this feeling
Yet feels meant to be

I taste my lips… 52 more words



Title: Silhouette 

The void of doubt is living
Thriving deep inside my eyes
I’m at a loss from giving
My heart drags with the days… 119 more words



Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything new, been handling quite a few things and just haven’t been in a place where I could really write anything that would read quite the way I wanted it to. 204 more words


A change of lights and memories (Poem #58)

The lights change,

fading from blues to reds,

and dance across the ceiling,

with each change of color my mind drifts in and out of a dream, 57 more words