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Tuck it Away

What’s left inside me?
You’d think I’d know
As the past surrounds
And puts on some kind of show
The doubt inside
Lives right through my eyes… 302 more words



Title: Pride 

The cold shoots through my eyes
The world bends in this pretend
The things I thought I knew
Gave a grin and ran me through… 234 more words



Title: Ghost 

Craft a tear
Place it somewhere near
Let it drift away
A touch of heart
To the story told
Lived out through the day… 109 more words



Title: Stand 

I sew with fates in hand
A voice with need to take a stand
I am the frail inner voice
The shadow in the white of noise… 139 more words


The Calm

Title: The Calm 

Shadows eclipsed my broken mind
For every fragment i could find
Left nothing to believe in
Left every breath incomplete
With hopes laid to rest at my feet… 141 more words


Why we arent together

Loneliness is holding on to memories alone.

Your love was a battlefield that I was never armed for.
Generations of insecurity shaped your way of thinking. 270 more words

Spoken Word