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RIP Robin: Revolutionary improverse haiku lament

When you’re always told/
that you’re “just like” someone, it’s/
hard to learn he’s died.


Hungry Eyes



I was captured with a glance.
Entangled by your smiles.
You used me up and spit me out,
And it was okay for a while. … 150 more words



In a way this poem, Prisoner, is about our subconscious. It’s about how there is someone that we are, and there is the person we put on display for others. 500 more words


Cloak of Indecision

What is this I’ve become
Unfamiliar face of past
Mocking stillness in the air
With that sweet taste of despair
Seeking for that spark in the eyes… 431 more words


Never Forget ...

When you were down,
Scared that you’d drown,
I held you up,
Kept you from getting numb;

Flooded by sorrow’s rain,
The hurt and emotional pain, 56 more words

A Step Toward Something More

The twisted tales on my tongue
Could break a mind forever
A story forged from the darkest roads
The jagged corners of loss and need… 259 more words


Far Away ...

I reach out to you
Try to reach back, I beg;
I call out your name
But it’s sad ’cause no one’s there;
Following the traces of your tears… 98 more words