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Anna-Rose reads: Ariel

Ariel was the second of Sylvia Plath’s poetry collections to be published, although only posthumously in 1965.

It is quite a dark and vicious body of work, which is believed by many to chart her mental decline. 97 more words

Anna-Rose Reads

Agony, Hurt And Death

I’m caressed by the scars of shame,
Clad in the wounds of pain;
The blood stains mask my face
On this cracked mirror of self-hate… 77 more words

Ripped into Infinity

There are no Hollywood endings.
No one loves me.
The world moves along without me.
They left me in the past.

I sit here as they all go by. 89 more words


Dear Pen

Sink my sorrows on a blank page,
Write the traces of my tears away;
Don’t let pain decide my fate,
Pick up the pieces as my heart breaks. 80 more words

Withering Rose ..

Trying to breathe in a sunken ship,
We end up coughing hurt and tears;
Far apart we slowly drift,
Our hearts break for our end just nears. 149 more words

The Last Pain I Felt

Darkness creeps into my mind
With depression lurking in its touch,
Feel the sorrow heaped in the tears I cry,
Feel it as it tears me apart; 198 more words


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Chains have indented my ankles from clamping forever
And yet it seems like yesterday I saw my freedom
Yet it was only a drink of water, a moment of courtesy… 224 more words