Tags » Emotional Poetry

Under The Moonlight...

The moon is clad in a cloak of tears,

I see it from afar,

Gloom covers it in a coat of fear,

The darkness dim the stars; 61 more words


In the silence so loud

Deep and profound

Sounds dripping tears;


As they hit the ground

Sad hearts just pound

With flaring fear;


Music fades in the background… 17 more words

Songs Of Sorrow...

A lamentation sounds out,

An ode is sang slowly,

Lyrics deep and profound,

Darker than shadows bad and unholy.


Feelings combine with tunes,

Songs deeply felt; 81 more words

The Silence Of Her Heart

The silence of her heart

Signifies the tears she cried in the rain.

The silence of her heart

Speaks of all the screams behind her smile. 72 more words

In My Thoughts

Clouded by residuals of gloom and hate,

Ashes of anger clinging on the walls,

Whispers of tears fill the shadows’ shades,

The morning’s brightness crumbles as it falls. 51 more words

The Painting...

Let me paint you a picture,

A picture of my feelings,

With all its features,

All the wounds without healing.


Let me hold that brush… 76 more words


Rotten Apples                                                                                                               Twisting my insides                                                                                                           Peeling away                                                                                                                          my outward façade

Bloodied ice                                                                                                                      Clinging to my bones                                                                                                      Unable to move                                                                                                                   Unable to stop

Poisonous snakes                                                                                                             Running through me                                                                                                      Spinning the world                                                                                                              And tearing me down… 11 more words