Tags » Emotional Poetry


I would smile
But I can’t ’cause it hurts;
Every time I smile
I just communicate different words…

Words like “help,
I’m breaking down;”
The last piece of a smile I held… 98 more words

All That's Left

I carved a story in a place
It gave a voice, but no face
The tale grim, it broke a soul
It spoke of loss, of no control… 157 more words



A hole is resting in my chest
Torn from the veil
The pain inside intensifies
I’m left here standing pale

The defeat is overwhelming
Strained inside my veins… 158 more words



This chandelier of broken dreams
Twists with binds of fate
Reflecting visions of a time
Engraved with endless hate

The cast that rests inside my eyes… 53 more words


As The Night Proceeds

As the night proceeds
A soul longs to escape the cage of life,
Tears embrace a face with distasteful cries,
Sorrow doesn’t cease.

As the night proceeds… 68 more words

All That's Left

The final breath latches tight
The pain spread well into the night
The pulse inside, a broken tide
A beat that’s lost, I hold and hide… 87 more words


Captured Tear

The shadows cast a tie
Knit into my skin
As they pierced my innocence
I embraced my sin

The feeling left my heart
It spread into my veins… 115 more words