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A kick in the ass-

wanna know what a real kick in the ass is? when even your own sister won’t read the books you write.

the guy is still friends with her on facebook, and gives me updates on her now and again. 136 more words


Ugh, Men

FB Post

“just another venting; no accusations.

the problem with men is that they don’t focus on the issue; i say that i feel uncomfortable and don’t like that he is hangs out with a female ‘work friend’ more than he does me, and he says “i’m not gonna stop hanging out with her” i never asked him to stop, i just brought it to his attention that it was more than with me. 1,107 more words


Other things flying around my webby mind

Pregnancy, marriage, love.

i’m still not entirely sure about any of these things… we are trying for pregnancy even though i have plenty of doubts and worry about it; i suppose most people do. 241 more words