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A Letter to All the Abusers Out There

This post differs greatly from the formats of my other posts on abuse recovery. I was inspired to write a letter to the abusers I’ve encountered and all the ones I know out there in the world who are still hurting others. 1,064 more words

LGBT vitriol

I questioned why the professional community taxed with screening gender reassignment candidates has not been more capable of recognizing the severe dysfunctions operating in the LGBT community, particularly in those lesbian households that are putting little boys on the transgender trainwreck. 226 more words


Your Crisis is the Key to Your Transformation: Three Spiritual Principles for Abuse Survivors

Spirituality can be a crucial component of the healing process for many abuse survivors. Our longing to reconnect with the world after it has seemingly torn us apart is a difficult, but rewarding process. 2,576 more words

It never goes away and it has made me who I am.

NorthernMSW: Advocacy, Aging, Healthcare & Social Work Issues…..

Grief in Children


Grief in Children Rea L. Ginsberg, LCSW-C, ACSW, BCD- Guest Blogger

The above post struck me to my core–and this is why: 796 more words


The Walking Wounded; Suicide As Seen Through The Eyes Of The One Left Behind

Chapter 10

People Are Sometimes Better Than Their Worst Action

In a stranger’s house that is Shawnie’s mind…

They stood looking down at Maria’s bloody body. 871 more words

The Walking Wounded; Suicide As Seen Through The Eyes Of The One Left Behind

Chapter 9

Trauma And Triggers

I want you to calm down and listen to me. Shawnie listen to me. I don’t care what she told you because it’s not true and I have psychological proof. 2,954 more words


For such a small, neglected, and insignificant little blog, I hear from a surprising number of women fairly regularly.  This always surprises me.  Someone takes time to post a comment, or to send me an email . 245 more words

Emotional Trauma