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Now that I’ve come to terms with the damage caused by violence that was willingly and knowingly done to me, it’s time to come to terms with the damage caused by the subtle violence of what wasn’t provided. 637 more words


And we have a pacer....

He’s going to wear the carpet out this morning. Dandilion seems to be in a state this morning; not very responsive and in the 5 minutes I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table he has paced the floor enough times to make me dizzy. 314 more words

Auntie Bambi

Emotional trauma in leadership

Jephthah’s trauma vs. Gideon’s victory

In this contrast between Jephthah and Gideon, I would like to demonstrate the great difference that a redeemed family can make in the results reaped through spiritual warfare. 1,573 more words


The Smart Girl's Ten Commandments For Self-Care and Self-Love

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1. Remove the clutter from your life. This includes physical, emotional, and interpersonal clutter which only serves to detract you from focusing on your personal growth. 2,236 more words


Much like an earthquake, losing Zeke rocked my world in the worst possible way. For weeks after, there were some pretty awful aftershocks. Just when I thought I had found my footing, I’d get hit with another one and I’d find myself scrabbling to get back to level ground. 1,287 more words


The Healing Process

I’m really not an expert in emotional kinds (or any other kind) of trauma.  It’s not something I’ve been particularly well acquainted with in my lifetime, and for that, I am so very grateful.   927 more words

Healing The Trauma Drama | Wake Up World

22nd June 2014

By Jennifer Deisher

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“We have entered a delicate emotional and spiritual space in our “evolution”. Our deeper emotional issues are coming up AGAIN to be processed and resolved. 28 more words