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For You - A Scrap From Another Life

I would ride,
For you,
I would play,
For you,
I would sing,
For you

Quiet moments,
Spent searching memories,
For a time, a place, 20 more words


Where is Charming?

I was in tears. He was sweet to ask what was wrong. I found myself not able to tell him what was burdening me. I think it’s because I know he wouldn’t rescue me the way I desire to be rescued. Self preservation I guess.



**inspired by the style of poet Kevin Young

Status. Statues.
Stillness. Fullness.
Frail. Stale. Veil.
Sale Away. highway.
sore on pavement.
Drift to the clouds. 102 more words


Carefully, I stepped, and now...boldly, I dance

I dedicate this to my dear brother who so caringly helped me find my way. For you, I dance. Today, I write.

Chicago is a beautiful place to be. 1,034 more words

Human Interest

Day nine..

So today I did everything I should and avoided what I shouldn’t do.

Didn’t eat meat, took dog on big walk, meditated/prayed, didn’t smoke, no fap, no porn, nothing. 329 more words

The Challenge

emotional atm

please insert the password


please choose an operation

you have chosen emotional withdrawal  

please confirm

please insert the amount of love you want to withdraw… 49 more words