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El verdadero meaning of some children's movies

Hola Readers!

Adivinen que?????? I just saw The Lorax…. YES A KIDS MOVIE! No need to judge! Alguna vez te has puesto a analizar una pelicula para niños? 130 more words


The human condition, it’s a funny thing at times. I write this as my head and my heart are reeling after allowing myself to be touched by some situations. 1,679 more words


The past is just that...

Everyone has a past and some choose to not let the past dictate their future and some do not.  I have actively chosen to not let my past dictate my future but it hasn’t been easy.   2,336 more words

How To Move On From Online Relationships!

So you probably have been searching all over the internet in hopes to find something to help you cope with the unbearable sadness of a online relationship you were hooked for sometime. 1,421 more words



Flowers grew in my heart.

Butterflies grew between my hips.

Diamonds floated in the ocean in my stomach.

A tree grew from my spine.

I never knew what it was like to feel a love, all mine. 128 more words


Hanging by a String.

I sat waiting
Quietly wishing
For a day like today
Maybe almost everday
I want to forget
But I also want to remember
Instead of being like this… 222 more words


It was an art
How he possesed her heart.
Stroking flame after flame
While calling her name.

She could not comprehend
How a kiss on a hand. 216 more words