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Exciting Times!

Why Howdy Doooo!

Sitting on the bed at 11:59 on the 31st December 2014, i was thinking how 2015 would actually plan out to be like. 299 more words

Summed up.

Dear World,

So it’s nearly the end of January and my god it’s rushed by. I’m finding it difficult to explain the past month but I think… 313 more words


Revitalization of the Heart

We’ve all had our heart broken at one point in our lives. This over-romanticized thing they call heartbreak. And why the hell do they call it that anyway? 432 more words


Poetry Defined

Poetry is where you will find,
the brightest,
and darkest reaches of mind.
A revelation of self.
With the words,
neatly written down.
To know me, 56 more words

Thought Provoking Insight

Having a good cry.

Let it out I say. Whenever and wherever. When you get to the point where your mind is just overflowing and breaking apart with confusion it often leads to tears. 67 more words


Technological Connections

The only thing I heard were weak static noises. Silence swallowed the whole room and the only sound came from my sister who was crying. I kind of missed hearing the annoying sounds made by the Furby. 172 more words


Little Bills.

And now I write on little bills,

I never thought that I would, really.

It’s rather poetic.

Words never came easy to me,

Whenever I would begin a poem, 162 more words