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Have you ever.. #something

Just wanted to lie around and be emotional

That seems to be all i really want to do these days. Be by myself and just think.. 122 more words


Why Pretend

Yes, I’m a fool
for thinking things would change
Left behind again
Oh, there you are
already miles down the road
(how do I look in your rear view?) 153 more words


My Emotional Whirlwind

Sometimes I can get so lost in my own emotions and the one’s I absorb from other people that I can’t focus on anything outside of how I’m feeling. 229 more words

Creating Your Life Journey

The Loud Life Inside An Introvert's Mind

Understanding an Introvert Crash Course 101

Sometimes you wish you could walk around with a manual so you don’t have to explain to everyone who assumes that you’re just so weird, that it’s just your personality and you can’t just “ 1,040 more words


Exams are over and Christmas Break is here...

finally finished exams on Tuesday, later than most, but I’m so happy to finally be done and free to explore Vancouver some more without feeling the guilt that seems to accompany me whenever I feel like I  253 more words


Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Last night I witnessed a six hour long opera named “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg.” It’s a Wagner piece that is a comedy. I believe it’s one if not the only comedy this composer ever wrote. 226 more words

A Reflection on Calling

Some of the most motivated and fulfilled people I know describe their endeavors as a “calling”. I think they use this word to identify a sort of confluence of talent and purpose that makes them feel like they are doing exactly what they are “supposed to do”. 685 more words

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