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Today marks the third week since I have heard from my roommate Adam. It is weird, because up until this past time, he has been home pretty often as he recently got switched to a different schedule for weekends off base. 616 more words

Operation Protective Edge

What I learned TODAY.

Today I learned that changing your thoughts drastically changes your behavior and reactions. I’ve known this but today proved to me more than ever before. I’ve been a little down lately, at least for the past two days. 179 more words

Daily Prayer from Judges 6:12-16

Lord, please do for ________ what you did for Gideon. Find _______ in her (his) hiding place and be face to face with her (him). Call to ________ as a mighty warrior, not the defeated victim she (he) might believe she (he) is. 45 more words

Parenting Adults

The Hard Goodbye: Leaving Clifton

After 2 years of living at 2360 Victor Street, I moved out today.

I’ve never really “moved” like this.

My parents and I moved houses in the 7th grade, but we simply changed neighborhoods in Mason (literally moved 10 minutes away) and I saw all my friends at school. 685 more words

Like God

Like God
they kneel
before you

Only I
know the
flesh of
men inside.


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My name is Shanna, and I am a carboholic!

By Shanna Marquez — Jul 5, 2011 3:11pm

The first step is to admit you have a problem, right?   941 more words