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Life is a mess.

Just to tell you, this passage will have no relevance to your life whatsoever, there will be no life advice & tbf it’s just my way of trying to pan out all the sh*t going on right now in my life. 673 more words


Dear You,

I know I have written this type of letter before, but I was talking about it in counseling. My counselor told me that the things I… 511 more words

Black Friday

Ever wonder why we are so attracted toward going to the mall, and battling the insane mobs of people that congregate

there on that specific day of the year? 703 more words


Quiet, Calm, and Loved

Today was an odd day. Odd because usually my life had much drama. But today and yesterday was very quiet, no true worries or anxiety attacks, no heartaches or fears – just a stillness. 131 more words


Watch This Dad Listen His Son's Heart Beating Inside Of Somebody Else [VIDEO]

After his 21-year-old son tragically died in a house fire, this dad broke down when he heard his son’s donated heart beating in another man’s chest. 163 more words


I cant tell if it's killing me or making me stronger.. 11/24/14

Monday afternoon once again i’ve been feeling really emotional lately it’s starting to fuck with my entire life a bit ._.
I honestly dont want this blog to be about all these damn guys i talk to but what can i say its just my life lol. 146 more words


You look good in clothes, however do you feel good in the clothes we call our skin???

The naked truth …

Becoming aware of what we eat and the nutritional value is just apart however it is one of the biggest challenges and how it really effects our weight, how clothes fit and overall appearance .. 256 more words