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True love

Love. I thought I had been in love before. I thought it was true love. There was no one else for me, I would never feel the same again… I was right, I have never felt the same. 170 more words



life in black and white

shiny shades of grey and blue

strange face reflections

they resemble you.

reminiscent; like fluorescence.

channel it up out and away  138 more words


Week 38.


From August 14th to August 20th… I’m very sure that I thought of something on those days to be thankful for, however they may not be worthy of a post. 1,052 more words


I called him.

I called him today despite the fact that he doesn’t really call me anymore. I called him because I love him… I miss him. I called him because I was dressed nicely and I was in the city I was hoping I could meet him. 205 more words


She remains silent, silent, silent--

((This has also been published on my Booksie account, you can find the poem HERE.))

I want her hands all over my body and those… 397 more words


Just A Quick Thought

I’ve just been seeing this a lot lately. The phrase or slogan “Nothing tastes as good as sexy feels.”

I think that’s bullshit! Have you never heard of pizza?! 19 more words