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Daily Riches: Detachment: "Just Step Away" (Peter Scazzero, Thomas Merton and The Virtues Project)

“Detachment is experiencing our feelings without allowing them to control us. We step back and look at things objectively. We let go and accept what we cannot change. 377 more words

Thomas Merton

Daily Riches: "Detachment" and Loving Well (Donald McCullough)

“Love flourishes only in freedom. Relationships based on the illusions born of insecurities inevitably will become coercive, and nothing destroys love faster then coercion. How could it be otherwise? 356 more words

Loving Well

Daily Riches: Putting Painful Longings in Perspective (Larry Crabb and Frederick Buechner)

“First, our desires … are related not only to our fallenness but also, and more profoundly, to our humanness. In other words, it’s okay to desire. 379 more words

Embracing Losses And Limits

An Amazing Story of God's Faithfulness

I first attended the Summit (Evangelical Free Church of America) in January of 2012, just 2 months after being delivered from my 12 years in captivity. 2,051 more words

WinePress Publishing

Daily Riches: Longing for Loving Union with God (Peter Scazzero)

Pastor Peter Scazzero suggests thirteen indicators of being out of loving union with God:

  • I feel anxiety in the tenseness and tightness in my body.
  • 379 more words
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality