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Wandering and painful realizations

Maybe is it a natural consequences of having a nasty virus messing up with every part of my body ? Maybe is it a natural consequence of being alone stuck in bed and feeling lonely as well and powerless because of the weakness but I have been facing some pretty intense times of thinking. 395 more words


A Resting Challenge, how is that even possible ?

Hello Beautiful World,

I have underestimated the strength of the virus that is feasting on y cells. I am bed ridden and really weak, just plain weak. 133 more words


A stingy intervention

Hello Beautiful World !

Yesterday, after the squatting challenge I was feeling all pumped and ready to take on the world and yet another fitness challenge with the walking lunges ! 375 more words


A Caring Challenge

Hello Beautiful World !

Yesterday I felt like a million dollar babe and today I fee like… yes the S word. WTF ?

So today’s Challenge is about putting my competitive nature on hold and silence the guilt in my head and just take care of me. 151 more words



Hello Beautiful People,

How are you doing today ?

Yesterday as I was writing about my newly born trail love, I was listening to some of the songs on my ipod and picked a song bought for my partner : the beautiful Feel by Robbie Williams. 424 more words


Thy I should not stuff my face with all free and available food.

Hello Beautiful Earthlings !

Today I am traveling. At first I wondered what my Challenge could be. It took only a few minutes to figure it out, thank you universe ! 432 more words


The Universe listens to everything we put out there...

And I am grateful it listened to my Challenge call.

After yesterday double challenges there is even more going on today. The fears I am facing are very powerful ones, they are rooted in my tenderest age and in my cells basically, they are all about my mother. 967 more words