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Running a 5K in a month : Session #26 One more day, one more workout, one more step closer to goal !

Hi Fit Friends !

In the past I have tried different approach to running. Some were bushy but gave me results. Some were very elaborated and gave me results too. 384 more words


Running a 5K in a month : Session # 23 In the middle of the track

Hey Fit Friends !

I am feeling the bite,

Feeling the doubt, the self questioning, the sabotaging habit, the years and years of low self esteem and it is all boiling me down to miserable and in turmoil. 12 more words


Running a 5K in a month : Rest Day #20 Getting there and being superstitious

Hello Fit Friends !

Already 20 days into the Challenge and as you may have noticed I have been quite discreet about the details of the training. 184 more words


Running a 5K in a month : Session #17 The Pain VS The Goal

Hello Fit Friends !

My knee hurt.

My mind is reeling.

My old beliefs are challenged.

The turmoil is on.

It would be very easy to make excuses and let myself down yet another time and I am not going to do that. 210 more words


My troubled relationship with op-shops

Yesterday’s confessions naturally led me to this because really I have a troubled relationship with op-shops.

At first I hated them. They meant things I did not want to see or confront myself with, it was like trying to dump a pile of trash on me : poverty. 284 more words


The Princess in me

Hello Beautiful Readers !

Today was nearly easier than yesterday, no naughty temptation but opportunities. An no I did not fail my commitment and I just spent what I was supposed to on the podiatrist’s appointment. 417 more words


Hello C. Here is your test ! Thank you Universe !

Rhaaaaaa !

Dear Readers, yesterday I was looking all strong and determined and now… now this is what the Universe threw at me yesterday, it was in my mail, casually waiting on my bed for me… right at the time I am coming back from work, when I am exhausted and depleted and wwwwweeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk ! 162 more words