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Day 325: Agree

Well, it’s been an exhausting back and forth during this “due diligence” period, with more than a couple of extensions on that two week window. But tonight, all that financial ping pong has come to a close. 188 more words

Diary Excerpts 36

Whereupon I realized I was of one Brain and many Minds; one Self and many Parts.

I could compartmentalize my Thoughts and Emotions.

I could view them as moving pictures upon a multitude of monitors.  58 more words

The Tooth Scary

Tooth Fairy + scary

The League, Season 6, Episode 11


91/365: Pull The Lever

Sometimes writing is amazing, but sometimes its just a glorified form of murder.

The process of writing has a way of turning my deepest thoughts and emotions into a joke, like my own words are mocking me. 494 more words



bond + Andre

The League, Season 6, Episode 11


Get a grip of yourself!

Lately, I’ve been feeling somewhat down. I don’t show my true feelings a whole lot since I don’t want people worrying about me. But honestly, I’ve just been going through a series of thoughts that are confusing me so much which is definitely putting me down. 531 more words

My Life

and the helplessness over flows in heaps
and i gently trace my face as it bleeds
the picking and the prodding at this place
as if i could find where the edge of the mask covers my motionless face… 64 more words