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Non-auditory Effects of Noise by Monique Hammond

Excessive noise is not only poison to the ears leading to hearing loss. It is also a general health and safety hazard. It exerts physical and emotional effects on the body and mind that take plenty of bites out of our quality of life and leave us vulnerable to errors and accidents. 310 more words

Hearing Loss


So I’ve been getting in at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, whether that is walking, rowing, or even just having a dance party and making my son laugh. 266 more words



Have you ever felt like there’s a big burden laying on your chest? Something you need to reveal or speak about? Have you ever wanted to say so much but say so little? 228 more words

Long after the lollipop: an outburst of resistance leaves me questioning the 'stuff' learnt at home

The systematic research which culminated in my doctoral thesis was sparked off by an encounter with my eldest daughter, then 6 years old.

Hoping to make her view a piece of  school work from a different perspective, I tried to make a bridge between what she had just learnt at school and a possible parallel in an everyday, non-scholastic context. 439 more words

High pressure low stressor

By Lauren Hoskin

Contrary to popular belief, recent research indicates that high blood pressure is in fact associated with a lower tendency to worry. It is thought that hypertension has a tranquilizing effect when raised, which then reduces the effect that negative or shocking stimuli can have on people’s emotions.


Mother Teresa's response when asked "Does she disgusted with..."

This is an interview with Mother Teresa back in the 70′s. She was asked – does she feel disgust or other emotions when she is serving people who are sick like the lepers or the “unattractive”.  135 more words