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Potential Love

“We tend to fall in love with what people could potentially be, not what they really are.”

The most frustrating aspect to him is when he doesn’t show who he really is. 280 more words

Khushi Ki Talaash

Khushi ki talash main nikal pada hun,

Na manzil ka pata hai, na rastoon ka thikana…!

Yun kuch dur ja ke dekha toh laga bahut dur chala aaya, 80 more words


Parenting Tips -- part1

  • If you do not get involved in the lives of your children when they are young, especially in the things that matter to them most (such as pertaining to happiness and sadness), then you will always be uninvited to participate in their mature lives both in their happiness and sadness.
  • 407 more words
Maturity Teachings


Ready set done
This is a race much like life and I’ve decided to run in it yes I will write whatever I can for excatly ten minutes and last time I remember I enrolled myself in the race I ended up talking about technology and it’s negative effects.Today is not that day when we talk about technology because I am not a big fan of it,ignoring the fact that I use quite a lot of it. 205 more words



She spoke of love and I spoke of actuality. The walls of people didn’t stop us. Talking alternately, throwing thoughts, ideas, words at each other. Why must we suffer the constrictions of life and all its limits. 179 more words


~ "what doesn't kill you..." ~

I have it. I’m free of sports lessons. My principal sent an e-mail to my mum, telling her my sports teacher agreed to it. Now we only have to agree with him about how long I’ll be out of sports lessons. 218 more words


Can't I get just ten?

Should we talk about the weather? Every year I hope for extreme weather conditions of some sort, and I’m never living anywhere where it happens. All of the excitement seems to happen where I am not. 1,254 more words