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Liquid Emotions

Tears are a liquid emotion, the heart cannot speak. Well in all actuality the heart is just an organ that pumps blood around your body. Emotions are just the views and opinions you feel toward something or someone thus the heart can’t speak anyway and tears can’t be liquid views of opinions of feelings. 446 more words


Are we there yet?

No, no. It is not yet the big day! I am still awaiting the day I start college. You see, first I move in. Then I have a week and a half to adjust. 324 more words

When Life and Love Collide: Debra's Story

Life events, such as being in significant relationships and switching professions, play a great part in affecting our moods and day-to-day functioning.

Having a keen sense of insight and self-awareness, Debra identifies these two major stressors which had led to her depression and anxiety, and what it means to lose something, only to gain something far greater. 1,429 more words

Tapestry Stories

We had a Grimm day.

Mom and I watched Grimm all day long, just like we had in the past.

It was really really nice.  Six (or maybe seven) episodes of Grimm in one day, with breaks for eating, checking our simulation games, and going to the bathroom.   115 more words

Landlocked By The Isthmus Of Madness

What is passion but an unrequited want? A hole as immense as the ocean’s floor. Uncontrollable though one tilt the earth on its axes and swallowing all its remaining seas with one voracious gulp. 364 more words


I woke up completely appalled and angry with Facebook this morning. There have been many stories over the past few years of pictures being taken down or even Facebook accounts blocked because of what people would consider “not appropriate.” I sometimes have wondered if the stories are constructed to gain media or are they really true. 522 more words



In keeping with tradition my birthday week has, once again, been of paramount shitiness. That’s right. Mega-Suck-Fest 5000. Work has been insanely busy. And awful. So busy that I get to work on my birthday. 386 more words