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My bottle is full of arsenic

My fingernails are silver, and I woke up with a bucket sitting next to my bed. Which leads me to believe that I egested everything I consumed last night before I went to bed. 1,171 more words


INFJ empathy

I’ve been keeping in touch with some fellow INFJ’s through e-mail. A particular topic that one of them has been addressing is that of empathy. It got me thinking quite a bit… As INFJ’s, we feel the energy of the room and tend to “absorb” the emotions of others. 262 more words


Feeling in colours

I am wondering if I’ll need to change my blog name at some point.  I seem to be moving away from my rants lately, and merging into some mom thoughts and memories.   714 more words


Endless Waltz

I think of you 

In hopes that you think subtly of me too.

Do these thoughts haunt you as much as they consume me?

I am suffocating, 78 more words


I hate everything: On the creative crash

Sam Smith and I are so emotional. (First line in the song.)

I turned on the radio… it was Madonna and I couldn’t.  Then it was someone else I usually love…and I couldn’t.   412 more words


Still with the smiles on,
holding hands in merry.
Acting like nothing’s wrong,
while the soul goes all weary!

Thanks to the outer skin,
covering up all the scars, 107 more words


Two Therapists Talking: Logic vs Emotion

In this episode of Two Therapists Talking, Jasmine St. John and I talk about the confusion that can occur when one personal approaches something from an emotional perspective and the other from a logical perspective. 20 more words

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