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Manny's Emotions

Manny emotions burst into flame Wednesday afternoon.

“…i trusted her, i cared enough to be willing to stick around after she rejected me.  i was being the better person, the nice person and in return, i have it thrown back at my face. 348 more words


Another Anonymous Psychic Reading

The first thing I feel about your energy is a throat chakra blockage which is affecting mainly your ears and neck muscles on both sides. I also feel a solar plexus chakra block which is draining your energy, and making you feel lethargic and powerless. 133 more words

Psychic Reading

Emotional Limbo

Every now and again, I have these days where I feel like I’m in emotional limbo.  Normally, I’m a very emotional person, even when it might not look like it by the expression on my face, or with any of my body language.  318 more words


Why me?

I have always been the girl that everyone comes to with their problems. I don’t know if I am just a good listener or if I actually give good advice. 329 more words


I have an open wound on the bridge of my nose. It’s reddish-pink and tender. It glistens with a nice pus like sheen and when the wind hits my face I feel a slight burn that helps me to never forget of its newfound existence. 282 more words

benefits of broccoli deprivation

My period of going without broccoli is officially over. Easter Day has come and gone, so Lent is over for another year.

Did my deprivation do any good? 176 more words



It was on our seventh day in New York that I noticed the change.

The change that led us to this very pivotal moment.

The change that not only ruined our friendship, 297 more words