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Why is it so difficult to meet people? ugh.

It’s almost as if all the interesting people have decided to form a clique of their own, leaving the rest of us out. 209 more words


The foundation of TBI (or any?) recovery

I’ve been thinking about my next steps in my TBI recovery. Logistically, I have been pretty consumed with just keeping thing together on a day-to-day basis for the past 7 years. 904 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Know Your Thoughts and Choose Your Actions

By Robert Buechner | Author, Coach and Attorney

Excerpt from book Living Gangbusters: Pathways to Greater Growth, Pleasure and Happiness”

Thoughts, Feelings, and Reasoning: Change How You Feel By Changing the Way You Think and Act… 530 more words


Therapy...through brush strokes

I think people in general are almost afraid of showing their personal feelings. We seem to always show our best side online or when we go out, when really they’re are a lot of people suffering on the inside. 252 more words


I had Sunday lunch at my mum and dads for Easter yesterday. I had woken up in a rubbish mood and it remained that way for the whole day. 1,290 more words

Vital Statistics 21/04/14

A disappointing start :(  I’ve only lost 1 lb this week, thought it would have been more, but never mind, a pound’s a pound. No change in measurements yet, I suppose that’s to be expected. 13 more words