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Good Behaviour, Bad Reaction

To me, being a nice person means having and showing respect to someone else.
You don’t have any reason to act crazy randomly.
But there are some people who can’t really appreciate your kindness. 126 more words

Nerves, Detrimental To Success?

Nerves. If you haven’t felt nervous at any point in your life, I’m going to put it out there; you are probably not fully human. Nerves can bubble away slowly in the pit of your stomach or suddenly flare up leaving you shaken. 365 more words

pencils don't write love stories

i write love poems because i’m driven by romanticizing thoughts and desires for affection

yet somehow, when the pencil is replaced by your fingertips and my stanzas by your words… 45 more words


You. A Special Person

I stared at the city lights twinkling across the misted glass pane. There was an unusual stillness forcing to stay. Slightly I opened the window pane, the wind sweeping inside. 439 more words


Back to School!

This afternoon I got to go back to school. I got the opportunity to attend Joshua’s school and help him with some writing in a project that he is doing. 228 more words

Life Skills

Big Girls Don't Cry

Lies. All lies, Fergie. Big girls cry; they cry hard, they cry with purpose, they cry because they’ve been wronged. For the last two days I have bawled uncontrollably. 478 more words

High Grades

Back bent, face down

On the desk again

Reading books, scanning notes

Between coffee sips

I knew I did everything

To see you, to keep you… 141 more words

Clouded Thoughts