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Highway Girl, My First Encounter Again

In the sweltering heat I walked alone while the dust parted, along the highways many vehicles moved at high speeds and I was perspiring. I had to make my way to one of the work sites and I was very thirsty. 581 more words


To write is to be free

From the title of this post you can see that I’ve put a lot of thought into how writing relates to myself. I managed to create this little sentence after months and months of deliberation and I’m quite proud of it. 241 more words



What is it we desire most in life?

Only a small group of people helps humanity. There is also a small group of people that gives, to the people in need. 55 more words

He is risen.

Jesus Christ is risen today.

All emotions aside that is the most important thing. He loved us so much he died for our sins no matter how many times we repeat them and sin again. 153 more words



I realized late today that I’m going to have to move to find a better paying job.  Now I want to move as I want to live in a new location but I think people shouldn’t have to move to a new city or even country to make a living.  136 more words


Work With What You Have

There are times when we might feel like we need more in order to have more or that we need more in order to succeed or that we need more in order to have enough. 395 more words

Overall Health

Emotions and BPD

There’s this idea that Borderlines are raging, extremely emotional people ready to “snap” at any minute. For me, emotions are things I don’t want to deal with. 242 more words

Boderline Personality Disorder