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Changing directions


In the entire story, two things are constant; the hurt and confusion created by ever changing directions of my emotions. One moment I am so profoundly in love with you; nothing and no one else matters. 32 more words


I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot-Psychologist Overlords

Technology that can identify what you’re feeling seems like the stuff or science fiction. Human emotion in incredibly complex, so complex there is still no one solid definition of what emotion is. 215 more words


Some people don’t believe that animals have the capacity to form an emotional bond with other creatures. Any pet owner would strongly disagree. I have a dog that I know for a fact that has emotional ties to myself, as well as his beagle companion, Emma Lou. 463 more words

Da' Neighborhood Wednesday

“The FBI had been tracking the Garrafolo crime family for years and was on the brink of convicting crime boss Vito Garrafolo and many of his associates. 345 more words


Feeling . . . Sketchy?

I’m feeling a little crazy today, among the calmness is a neediness. Not one known for being good in their own skin for prolonged periods. Not that I have even been, as I drank last night. 315 more words

🚽 Flush

Day 245: Living for me

There are things I need to do for work…things that involve carving out some time and sitting in front of my computer…possibly with a phone in my hand.   735 more words


Victim of my own mind!

Lately I have been feeling a lot of apathy, indifference or detachment. Sometimes it feels like I am not even living my life but just watching it as a third person. 213 more words