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Your Atmos

In the Texas Panhandle, weather is really fickle. One hour it’s a balmy eighty-five degrees, and the next hour it’s spitting sleet. I’m not at all exaggerating! 652 more words

So Sad

Hello.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  So much has happened.  My husband went into the hospital a few weeks ago because his liver function numbers were bad.   337 more words

Suffocating Memories

It feels suffocating like I can’t breathe,
My head in my hands,
My heart on my sleeve.
These memories of you swirl all around,
Making me feel things, I hoped to forget. 282 more words

Sexual Abuse


This is something I have struggled with for some time now. It’s not that I can’t forgive people at all for what they did, but it’s that it takes me a long time to figure out how to forgive someone for what they did and to let it all go. 1,792 more words

Be Happy

This is tricky!

Life in DBT and Hepzibah land has been eventful… The challenges and opportunities to grow and develop continue to present themselves with sometimes alarming frequency and intensity! 844 more words



Like one in a wild storm it was raining. It’s been raining for a few days now. She has been sitting by the balcony looking at it raining. 411 more words


Bits of nostalgia.

Having lived in this world it becomes impossible to deny at some point encountering an “I love you” that was actually a goodbye

We have all tasted the kisses that whisper “I’m sorry” 58 more words