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Depression and the Scariness of Emotions

Tonight I played a new FTP (free-to-play) game that I downloaded from Steam based on a Facebook friend recommending it. It’s not a happy game, nor is it meant to be entertaining. 889 more words


Hello wordpress

Wow. wordpress is like, really really neat. LIke OMG!

Some infinities are larger than other infinities

I cried a little. But I was with my girlfriend so I hid my tears.

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Thoughts after 500 posts...

Good Saturday Morning from Paris, France!!

Looking at my WordPress Dashboard, it’s reminding me today it will be posting my 500th post.

I migrated my Single Woman Travels! 587 more words


The Riot

The luminosity of the colours on each layer and the different direction of the strokes of this painting give its surface diversity, like the weaves of a beautiful fabric. 68 more words


Duelling emotions.

Two things happened today.

1.)  I took Mom to the doctor again.

2.)  I got new glasses.

Both are notable events in my life, and I’ve been trying to decide what to blog about.   822 more words

Love Obsession

Addicted to love
and the sex that
we expect when 
in relationship...

Spent years alone
meeting people
and the dates
are a trip!

How’d we get
from there to here
did we steer 
this ship adrift
in a foggy
bliss? 110 more words

The necessity of creativity

The necessity of creativity and how we find it. Creativity is spontaneous and comes naturally and it is effected by the environment in which it finds itself. 567 more words