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ART - "EMP Tee" Mock Ups

Hey whats up guys and gals? Its Inviere here with a little design that I wanted to share with all or you!. As you all may know we are trying to get awesome thing to offer you all, and here is yet another tee that is in the works! 168 more words


MUSIC - "Cold And Alone" (Classic Tracks)

Whats up wasteland wanderers?!? It’s your faithful host Joseph Inviere! Now, my children of the night, I bring you yet another “Classic Jam” that reflects the darker side of myself. 170 more words


MUSIC - "L.O.D." (Classic Tracks)

Once again multi-verse, it’s your host, Joseph Inviere here! I wanted to add this post before I decided to return to my bunk for the night. 130 more words


MUSIC - "All Day" (Classic Tracks)

Hello wastelanders and space pilots!! Inviere here and  I hope everyone out there is staying safe and staying focused! I just wanted to share a few of my favorite tracks to ease the shell shock of the real world. 205 more words



“EMP Sticker” 3 x 3

Hey whats up guys! It’s Inviere here with another post from the EMP outpost!

Now I know its been a little bit since my last post but I assure you that everything is going good, and the EMP Military has been busy behind the scenes working some new freshness for all our family out there. 146 more words


One Second After

Do any of you have a contingency plan in case of apocalypse? I admit it, I started working on mine as soon as I read the Zombie survival guide but until this moment I hadn’t really understood how unprepared I am. 1,105 more words

Museum Seeks Music-Minded Teens

Do you love music, especially the local music scene, and want to get involved without picking up a guitar?  Experience Music Project is currently accepting applications for their 2014-2015… 168 more words

Teen Powered