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The Mandalay Bus

If you follow me on instagram then you’ll have already read my lengthy post about our visit to the Mandalay. I’ve decided to replicate that on my blog because after all, this is like a documentation of the kinds of things Charles and I eat so why should I exclude the times (albeit few) when we go out for a meal?  257 more words

Magia, espiritualidad y religión - Galica Part 1

We landed on a cloud.
Okay, not really — but there was a lot of fog as we were coming in from Madrid. So much that they asked us to make sure our phones were turned off so that they didn’t  interfere with the communication with the plane. 870 more words

Episode 70: Of burgers, empanada, and love teams

The team of “Foods Tayo” recently visited two shops owned by a unique tandem of restaurateurs. They’re a real-life love team, to put it simply, and despite being small fry in the widening sea of food establishments, they have quite a good following, with unique dishes to back them up. 833 more words


Argentina Food Festival - A Tango with your Taste Buds!

This year, the Latin Americans have really played with our hearts, haven’t they?

Earlier this year, they tugged at our heart-strings through the goofy Blue Macaw named Blu in Rio 2… 766 more words


You say empanadilla, I say empanada

There’s been a renaissance in cooking from scratch, home baking, and crafts – let’s call it the Martha Effect. It never went away for me, but I’ll take the early adopter tag. 558 more words


2014 Blog 271: Easy Pastries

Thorr has been into baking all weekend. He has been working on strudels and empanaditas! Oh girl, I love both, and the man of course. 114 more words


A Craving for Batac Empanada

Have you been to Ilocos Norte? Did you make sure that you get to pass by Batac City to get a taste of their popular delicacy, … 388 more words