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The touching thing about tears is that they can travel from one heart to another without traveling  the space in between. 166 more words

Thought Provoking Insight

Harvey (1950)

Director: Henry Koster

Notable Characters:
Elwood – James Stuart
Vita – Josephine Hull
Myrtle-May – Victoria Horne

A film of simplicity and beauty: Elwood P. Dowd, a curious, overly-friendly middle aged man, forms a close partnership with an imaginary, 6 foot three-and-a-half inch rabbit, named Harvey. 220 more words


“He has so little emotion he has to look it up in a dictionary.”

I consider myself an emotionally driven person. I’m very empathetic and, therefore, very well aware of my emotions and the emotions of the people around me. 714 more words

Effective Listening

When reading through chapter 3, I really encourage students to pay close attention to the concepts covered in the section of Effective Listening. This section not only distinguishes between active and passive listening, but describes the three types of active listening, including informational, critical, and empathetic. 73 more words

Frances Ha (2012)

Director - Noah Baumbach

Notable Characters:
Frances – Greta Gerwig
Sophie – Mickey Sumner

The inevitability of growing up is something that scares us all. More often than not, as we age, we feel pressured to reassess ourselves: to ensure direction, to seek validity in our achievements, and to address our ever-growing responsibilities. 384 more words

10 Reasons Hopeless Romantics Aren’t Hopeless After All

I’ve always been known for being emotional. I’ve been told I overthink things, that I overreact to situations, and that I feel too much. I’ve been made to feel as if this full heart of mine was a weakness. 825 more words


Why We Cry..........Crying Out Loud: Who's Most Likely?

Crying Out Loud: Who’s Most Likely?

Women tend to cry more than men do, most experts concur. Women have more permission to cry. To some degree it’s changing. 157 more words

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