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Why so Angry? Here is the Reason- It's Probably Not What You Think.

Why do these feelings of anger arise within my bosom when certain issues are discussed or brought to my attention? I used to think that I was simply argumentative by nature (not actually the case, I actually hate confrontation). 416 more words


5 Ways to Measure the Emotional Intelligence of Your Boss

Some of the most successful leaders across the globe have high emotional intelligence. The emotional intelligence or EI of a leader plays a significant role on the employee morale, organizational culture and in the communication pattern. 353 more words


Can I be happy and Empathetic at the same time? Is the Happy Caring person, an Oxymoron?

What is empathy?  What is compassion?  Can I be empathetic and compassionate, and still be happy?  Do I really need to feel the pain of others all the time?   725 more words


Caring for One Another

God’s Spirit provides us with spiritual gifts, which build up the church (Ephesians 4:11-12). Apostles start new churches; prophets proclaim God’s Word; evangelists are anointed to reach the lost; pastors and teachers dissect the Word and feed it to us in tiny morsels, which are easy to digest; and they all equip the Body of Believers to go out to do the work of the ministry. 286 more words

Union With Christ

5 Ways to Be More Empathetic

You can lose your hair, lose your temper or even lose your mind. But can you lose your empathy? Absolutely, according to recent research, and it’s happening now in America. 845 more words

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No Compassion for Empathy

I remember being a kid in vulnerable, difficult moments and, out of concern, my parents would reach out with empathy. I’d be struggling with a difficult situation and they’d offer an “I’ve been there” or “We’ve all been through that.” Yet I didn’t feel connected, I felt minimized. 495 more words


Neel Kashkari – Lessons from the Trail

Neel Kashkari’s Lessons from the Trail was a great read. As an aspiring political leader, I learned a good deal from his candid remarks. I have a better understanding of what it takes to energize voters and establish name recognition. 288 more words