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Errant Quirk

For once he had listened to his longstanding American female friend, and it began to come clear that his character contained, if not a fatal flaw, then some sort of uncontrollable errant quirk. 121 more words


A difficult thing to experience, write about, talk about: depression

Depression isn’t sadness, it’s a feeling that overcomes you and pushes everything else aside. It gobbles up your thoughts and makes you physically ill, fatigued, insomnia prone. 241 more words

Love Is A Gift, But Kinda Scary

Thanks to Bodymindspirit1021 via instagram for sharing this image. I had to regram it!

“Everyone is scared of being the one who cares too much, love too much – this is why relationships fall apart.” 157 more words


Rotten Tomatoes: 5 Quick Signs of Dissatisfaction in the Workplace

I wrote a million things in my head over the past week. But none of it was published here. For that I am beating myself up. 376 more words


Speaking about mental illness ...

It’s never easy to speak about mental health issues so remember, it doesn’t always have to be a long conversation. There are other ways of showing support. 366 more words


Nicole Scherzinger: Gay people are more empathetic and understanding

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Former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger has said that she has a special “connection” with the gay community. 194 more words


Empathetic Listening

Graduate school has started with a bang. Orientation has come and gone. Classes have begun in earnest and our collective journey of learning has begun to take shape. 395 more words