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1,2,3,4,5,6...6? 6? Where did my 6th Sense go?

So much responsibility with the turn of events that happened recently the most I have been able to “feel” is Him, my heart, my one time lifelong friend, the father of my cutie pattooties. 172 more words

The Excuse Factory: Who do we trust?

This is a tasteful picture of Caitlin Rice.  She’s one of my biggest idols.  Look at her she looks damn good and she worked hard to get it.  733 more words



Even when we save one’s life, we actually just postpone death, and death will take the very next chance to happen, if we don’t pay enough attention. 122 more words


The poison in us

It is not easy for me to deal with your emotions.

You rarely have emotions…

and when you do, they seemed more likely to be negative and very intense. 468 more words

Life's Lesson

6 S.I.M.P.L.E. Ways to Surprise and Delight People

Have you ever experienced an unexpected kind interaction that changed your entire day? I have been fortunate enough to have partaken in such pleasantries, and I have taken it upon myself to pay it forward as often as possible. 530 more words


The over empathizer

I often find that I empathize well with people. It may not show on the outside much, but inside, I most definitely feel the emotions of others. 343 more words


Thank you John Green!

Thank you for brilliance that is Hazel Grace Lancaster! Thank you for giving me a character that is insecure yet a fighter! For some, it was stupid how Hazel wanted to go all the way to Amsterdam to know the end of a novel. 328 more words