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Thinking of Things

As I write more posts it gets harder to find topics. I try to stay away from current news items and posts those opinions under… 920 more words

Personal Perspective

Tools for Today: HEART



Hug–warm hug from God

Empathize–with you about your pain

Applaud–the smallest victory that you had & Approving

Release–everything not in your control–to God… 50 more words

Inspire Me!

what is empathy?

empathy is to understand and share your feelings to others

Design Challenge

The Receiving End of Caregiving, Part 2

Thank you, Ann, for sharing the rest of your rewarding experience of being on the receiving end of caregiving, which is good reminder for the professionals, as well as friends and family, on what is important to the ones receiving care. 953 more words

Sunday Stories

7 hard ways to live with yourself

Learning to live with yourself is the hardest thing to do ever. Not because you are an awful person or anything. Naw. It’s just hard when things hit you so hard. 759 more words

The Good and the Bad

It’s always been very difficult for me to accept that some people who come into my life are just not destined to be. I always had this idea that people can connect as people and befriend each other, no matter the circumstance. 294 more words

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