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Cruel Humans

In yesterday’s Big Issue, I read more about the fallen nature of human kind and the reason why we are fucked. Why is conscience told to fuck off and cruelty steps in. 662 more words


To See Beyond the Act of Others

Why do we do a job, if not for money? Some people are in their dream job, but most jobs are mundane and only done to earn an income. 413 more words

Same Difference

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8

Humans and ghouls may be different in many aspects, but both are after all the same kind of species. And both have the same desire to live. 86 more words



Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8

Full of injustice, you ask, “Was there any reason for him to be killed?”

Full of criticism, I retort, “Was there any reason for you to kill in the first place?” 139 more words


Before We Judge...

  1. We must remind ourselves that there is a scared and broken human being inside who might be too afraid to show his or her true self.
  2. 899 more words

Learn from the Emotional Intelligence of Babies

Babies are so emotionally intuitive. They know what they need and they get it. There are no words to describe the emotional intelligence of babies, and as adults we lose that essence. 636 more words


i have never been proud to be a woman.

I have never been proud to be a woman.

I grew up in a family of farmers, cowboys, and lawnmower salesmen. My aunt is a star mechanic. 2,150 more words