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Hurting Our Family

Many of us are walking around blindly. We have forgotten why we are here. Society has done a great job of turning us against one another… 1,479 more words


Am I Enough

We probably ask ourselves this question on a daily basis. Well, I know I do. Society puts out this false notion that we will be more than enough if we have gadgets that make us appear cool. 333 more words


Pass The Mike Brown Act

Over a 100 days has passed since the tragic shooting of Mike Brown by Darren Wilson. As of this writing we are one day removed from the choice being made not to formally charge Wilson with any crime. 424 more words

Social Justice

On Empathy and a 'Soft Culture'

Often you will hear that we live in a society that has gone soft. We hear this about gluten or lactose intolerances – where were they years ago? 1,889 more words


What’s The Point of Church?

Churches are everywhere. Look at the world today, our selfishness, our greed, and our need for power and control, and match this with the number of churches. 567 more words


Loving kindness: conceptual understanding vs meditation

Kang, Y., Gray, J. R., & Dovidio, J. F. (2014). The Head and the Heart: Effects of Understanding and Experiencing Loving Kindness on Attitudes Toward the Self and Others. 200 more words

Buddhist Meditation

A Matter of Perspective

Three old men were sitting on a bus bench. To pass the time they had a conversation comparing how hard their childhoods were. While the first two old men were talking, the third just sat listening. 263 more words

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