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Sang Empati

Ketika mereka tidak lagi menganggapku ada
mereka bahkan tidak lagi mampu melihatku
Lorong dan jembatan penghubung aku dan mereka sudah terputus
hilang entah sejak kapan… 22 more words

In Her Mind

What you say about people now is what you will become in your next life.

My mom’s advice from when I was very young…

“Imagine that in your next life, you will be everything that you ever said about other people whether it’s good or bad. 127 more words


Empathy is Good

“We can cultivate empathy throughout our lives and use it as a radical force for social transformation.” Roman Krznaric

Almost all my life I thought being empathic was a curse. 910 more words

The world is going crazy....

Between the truly horrendous actions of ISIS and the situation in Ferguson, it seems like the world is falling apart around us.  And while this isn’t the first (nor the last) moment in history where we have struggled, there does seem to be a a certain amount of overall unrest that has just been hanging around us lately.   294 more words

Ninja Healing Powers

My Mother-in-Law just has toe surgery and is in recovery mode for the next little while. Merry and Pippen adore her and basically worship the ground she walks on. 369 more words

The Power of Politeness and Empathy

The helpful distance of politeness

I do not know how this writer can stop himself from having an opinion about people he meets; when it comes to me, I seem to have an opinion about everyone I meet. 121 more words

Noteworthy Web Articles

The D&A Leadership Fitness Test Q#2.

Do you have the stomach, heart, mind and backbone for leadership? It may help to score your self in the following manner:

5 = Always, 4 = Often, 3 = Sometimes, 2 = Rarely, 1= Never… 26 more words

Leadership Skills