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Waking is a habit, even now
hours have gone lengthways
into day, and first frost has risen
in sunlight. Now we have hours to live. 28 more words



Another way that mindfulness cultivates compassion is that it helps us see our interconnectedness. For example, let’s say that the left hand has a splinter in it.

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A simple formula with powerful consequences

I was honoured to be asked to facilitate one of the events being run by Age UK and Age Concern recently to promote dementia friendly communities in West Kent. 984 more words


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This is an extremely powerful post by inspirational Zoe Harris, founder and director of Care Charts UK, a social enterprise set up in the light of her late husband’s experience with dementia. Zoe PV0_1163cI was delighted when Zoe came along to our 'launch event' for our series of sixteen Whose Shoes?® sessions in West Kent to build 'dementia friendly communities'. West Kent has been a wonderful breeding ground for people who really 'get' Whose Shoes?® and are keen to be part of the assets-based approach we are trying to build, raising awareness but specifically seeking to fire local people to take action and spread the fires of positive change. As a result of this first session, Zoe became a Whose Shoes? facilitator as an extra way to channel the insight, passion and knowledge gained through her long experience of caring for Geoff. I am very honoured to be associated with Zoe and her wonderful work.

Promises of Home—A Review

Promises of Home—Stories of Canada’s British Home Children

by Rose McCormick Brandon 

Who will love my boys, treat them as their own… Who will love my girls, keep them safe and warm? 1,439 more words

Social Commentary

Call Center Trials/Tribulations

So as an underemployed graduate with a university degree one my 3 part-time jobs involved working at a call center. The place that I worked for does market research (mostly just feedback surveys) on behalf of large banks, telecommunication, and utility companies (all of which you would immediately recognize but I am not allowed to disclose their names). 635 more words

Learning to Role Reverse in Indian Country

Living in Arizona has given me many opportunities to experience native cultures in my work, play, and volunteering.   I enjoy chances to get to know cultures other than my own. 523 more words

American Indians


Today, Dave went to the park with sandpaper and sanded out the graffiti that was on my mom’s bench.  That post that I wrote on Friday, wound up getting so many comments and responses to it!  201 more words