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Dissecting Fight Scenes (Luke vs. Vader)

For the past couple months, I’ve been doing a series on fight scenes and how to make them more effective:

Part One (Will Turner vs. Captain Jack) 232 more words

Fangirl Squee

Laundry woes

Two times of day, I have peaceful solitude. The first is early morning devotions, and the second is when the day is done. The house is quiet and I check in on what happened in the world. 984 more words

Faith Family Football

Intelligence = Evil...Umm What?

We see in all sorts of movies and books that immense intelligence leads to corruption. That the only way to achieve one’s goal is to crush all those around you.  

664 more words

Death Star inside job?

Galaxy far, far away – Members of the often violent, extremist, religious group Rebel Alliance plotted a series of coordinated attacks on the Galactic Empire Space Station. 361 more words


The Need for Evil

Every good story has to have something in it that creates a conflict. If there is no conflict in the story then why bother reading fiction? 643 more words


An Interview With Emperor Palpatine, aka, Darth Sidious

I ran into Emperor Palpatine, of “Star Wars” fame, at Starbucks this morning. He agreed to come back to The Arm Chair Pontificator offices with me so I could interview him for the site. 708 more words

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