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You Will Lose All Respect For Emperor Palpatine When You Learn His First Name

As we all know, Disney is rebuilding the Star Wars expanded canon from the ground up. Everything is changing! People have new names! And some of those names really should not be appended to the greatest evil of the Star Wars Universe! 170 more words


Emperor Palpatine has a new first name, and it is RIDICULOUS

Today is one of those days in the world of scifi where you would hear me utter a HUH at the name of Emperor Palpatine. The article below mentioned that the name could be found on the Wookieepedia site and as everyone knows that wikis can be edited by anyone. 273 more words


'Jernalisms' - Murdoch Style

News Limited publications have been doing their damnedest to keep their readers in a constant state of fear and panic in recent months.

They’ve been a bunch of reactionary pricks pandering to the tin-foil hatted far-right for years, but by moderate standards (the centre-left and centre-right of politics), the editors at the Daily Tele and the Herald Sun seem to have gone off the reservation with the rise of I.S – all of 12,000 kilometres away from Canberra. 1,009 more words

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Who Is the Best 'Star Wars' Villain of All Time?

From Star Wars.com via Yahoo!

There is no shortage of bad guys in the Star Wars universe: A huge cast of characters — from Darth Vader to lowly Stormtrooper TK-421 — who fight on the side of darkness. 432 more words

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The Emperor

Emperor Palpatine is Emperor of the Death Star in the Star Wars movie and is on the dark side of the force.

The moon Iapetus on Jupiter looks like the death star. 9 more words


Palpatine to Return in Episode VII and VIII? *Spoiler Warning*

Geek Tyrant is reporting from the inexplicably plugged in Latino Review that an old rumor is surfacing again.  That Palpatine would appear was in tandem with a rumor that Obi-Wan would return, both in ghost form.   297 more words


[SPOILER] ¿Qué villano regresa a Star Wars en Episodio VII?

Reitero en este primer párrafo que la nota contiene un gran SPOILER en cuanto a la nueva producción de Star Wars. Quedan advertidos.

La galaxia se ve comprometida nuevamente por un personaje de la trilogía original según el sitio de Latino-Review. 162 more words