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The Flagship, part 3...

I stood outside the doorway to my quarters, trembling with anticipation. Already my palms were sweaty and I struggled to remember the entry codes.

Obliterator… 499 more words

Star Wars

The Flagship, part 2...

I stood on the bridge long after Vader had departed, eying my surroundings in disbelief.

Vader had given me his flagship to command.

Given it to me. 172 more words

Star Wars

The Flagship...

The day had finally arrived.

At last the fleet had reached the Kuat system, and was in orbit of Kuat Drive Yards.

Our flagship awaited. 325 more words

Star Wars

The cost of power...

“What have I done?!” I exclaimed, incredulous, “You told me that power would free me…would give me insight that I could never have!”

From the far corner of the room, I could hear Vader laugh outright. 395 more words

Star Wars

Aria Brisard, pupil, part 2...

“Feel the Force, Aria…” Vader whispered, manipulating my body as he guided my meditation, “Reach for my power, and make it your own.”

I gave in to my fear, my anger…welcoming the sensation as I had done so easily with Vader in this same room only weeks ago. 262 more words

Star Wars

Aria Brisard, pupil...

The thoughts in my mind still unclear, I cast myself down upon the bed in Vader’s makeshift quarters, hoping I could force myself to sleep. 298 more words

Star Wars

Moment of truth...

It was weeks still before Vader had given the all-clear to pull Captain Sardon out of his medically induced stasis.

“Be calm, Brisard.” he cautioned, “Captain Sardon is a different man now.” 574 more words

Star Wars