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Roman Reigns Keeps It Heel

I listened to the always entertaining Sam Robert’s Podcast this morning and he had a really interesting/quick interview with Roman Reigns on. Granted the talk took place on the Friday before this past weekend’s controversial Royal Rumble, in which we saw Reign’s win the event and then get showered with Boo’s from the rowdy Philadelphia crowd, but the content was very timely nonetheless. 131 more words


Dissecting Fight Scenes (Luke vs. Vader)

For the past couple days, I’ve been doing a series on fight scenes and how to make them more effective:
Part One (Will Turner vs. Captain Jack) 429 more words

Cool Stuff

Star Wars Black Series 2015 Release Schedule!

The news keeps coming for upcoming Star Wars product from Hasbro! Today website Jedi Temple Archives has a rundown on the release schedule of Star Wars The Black Series product up to September. 176 more words


Seinfeld and Friends (not the T.V. show though)

Well happy new year everyone, as the first post of the new year I’ll try to make it a good one. Looking back on the past year I’m kinda of amazed myself at how far my general sketching has come along, I’m still not at the level I would like but I’m starting to think that I’ll never get there. 358 more words


Mario Madness

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the new year! I have been hard at work enjoying all the togetherness time with my family :)  But despite all that time I spent over the holidays celebrating I found some time to do some doodling. 359 more words


What’s another weasel word for ‘waterboarding’?

Oh, Dick Cheney; God, love you, man.

At least, you’d better hope the Almighty has a soft spot in his eternal, cosmic heart for ilk such as yours. 712 more words