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The Emperor

Emperor Palpatine is Emperor of the Death Star in the Star Wars movie and is on the dark side of the force.

The moon Iapetus on Jupiter looks like the death star. 9 more words


Palpatine to Return in Episode VII and VIII? *Spoiler Warning*

Geek Tyrant is reporting from the inexplicably plugged in Latino Review that an old rumor is surfacing again.  That Palpatine would appear was in tandem with a rumor that Obi-Wan would return, both in ghost form.   297 more words


[SPOILER] ¿Qué villano regresa a Star Wars en Episodio VII?

Reitero en este primer párrafo que la nota contiene un gran SPOILER en cuanto a la nueva producción de Star Wars. Quedan advertidos.

La galaxia se ve comprometida nuevamente por un personaje de la trilogía original según el sitio de Latino-Review. 162 more words


Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #96

(So guys, I swore I had posted this yesterday, but looks like I still have to figure out WordPress’s new posting feature. Sorry about that!  I guess it’s a Scene it on Saturday now.) … 314 more words

Star Wars

Adam Driver Calls Stars Wars Experience 'Surreal'

Star Wars Episode VII new cast member, Adam Driver can’t really talk about the production, but he knows one thing for certain, the experience of being cast in J.J. 400 more words



Accepting the power Vader offered instead of refusing him led to a plethora of opportunities.

I had my command restored…my own star destroyer. I had the power to save my friend from dying… 420 more words

Star Wars

Finding Your True Father

For many years now there has been a search for fathers. People usually want to connect with their father down deep in their spirits, even if they had a bad father. 1,848 more words