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Would You Like A Channel That Only Plays 'Star Wars'? Hurry Up And Move To Germany!

Would you be down to watch Star Wars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for two straight weeks? Yeah? Really? Well, then book yourself a flight to Deutschland ASAP. 230 more words


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New Art: Star Wars

Here’s some new Star Wars art from me (actually, all Empire Strikes Back. I just realized that). See them all 7pm this Monday at Northern Soul (557 1st St, Hoboken, NJ) at the opening reception for my new “Portraits Of Awesomeness” show. 60 more words


The Evening Post: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

If you have two hours of your time, I have a video just for you!  Star Wars and Lucasfilm launched the The Empire Strikes Back Uncut project in 2013.   111 more words

The Evening Post

One of the many reasons the Empire lost


The AT-AT is a good example of why the Empire was doomed to fail. Someone in their engineering department must have had a thing for slow moving dogs with a back brace. 180 more words

Justin Kassab

Empire Strikes Back: Full Un-Cut Fandom

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of those franchises that people obsess over, whether it’s quoting Darth Vaders “Luke I am your Father” line, grown men swooning over Princess Leia’s scantily clad ‘Jabba Slave’ outfit, dressing up as a Jawa for Halloween or even registering yourself as ‘Jedi’ from the newly recognised religion, Star Wars is huge. 105 more words

Internet Virals

A certain point of view?!?!

Now that you hear the voice of Mark Hamill in your head, I’d like to use that a segue into the second part of the Star Wars Uncut series, featured yesterday on… 26 more words