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Edwardian Encounters: Laurel Leaves and Swimming Pools

Sprays of laurel and oak leaves surround the head of Edward VII, king and emperor, looking so wise and benign in this finely sculptured likeness created, not as one might expect by an artist from the British Empire, but by an Austrian, Emil Fuchs. 284 more words


The Dronification of State Violence, Part II: Historical Origins

Previous section: Life and Death in the West Wing

Historical Origins of the Predator War in Pakistan

In this section, we briefly trace the geographic and historical antecedents of the Predator war in Pakistan. 2,115 more words


Warhammer - The Empire

I collect and paint Warhammer armies. There that feels better. A little confession is good for the soul. I have a soft spot for the Empire and struggle as a Warhammer general due to a dislike of throwing my troops to the wolves (or orcs, or chaos armoured thugs). 781 more words

Colin Grace

A Reflection on St George's Day

I often get accused of being unpatriotic, especially at this time of year, but I don’t care. I will sing this country’s praises where it has earned them, and I will criticise our actions and institutions if I disagree with them. 563 more words

Jurassic World - First On Set Photographs

The first on set photographs from ‘Jurassic World’ have been released by Entertainment Weekly. Colin Trevorrow has also been speaking with Empire about how Jurassic World could be the foundation of which to launch more films in the future and also what Jurrassic World’s story is about: 185 more words