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Pray for the City But Pray Resistantly

I find the calls for peace and calm in the wake of the grand jury decision out of Ferguson in the death of Michael Brown curious. 1,243 more words

Empire State Building

Here are 3 images featuring the Empire State Building. I’d have to say that it is my favorite building in NYC. Here are some little facts about the building. 35 more words


Peter and Cornelius, 2014

by Berry Friesen

Imagine a contemporary dialogue between Peter and Cornelius with Peter cast as a Mennonite activist and Cornelius as an active duty combat officer who has completed multiple tours of duty in the Iraqi cities of Samara, Mosul and Fallujah. 742 more words


UPDATED: Def Leppard vs. G'n'R show postponed due to snow

Update: This show has been postponed until further notice due to the snowstorm. Happy thanksgiving, dudes.

If you’d like to re-live the bygone days of middle school — an ancient time when the country’s president was certifiably infirm, a global nuclear fire was reasonably assured, and your virginity seemed like a desperately incurable condition — then look no further than tonight’s Clash of the Titans at Empire. 215 more words


How to Celebrate Thanksgiving, If At All

On this Thanksgiving eve: Robert Jensen on why we should replace the current holiday with a national day of atonement and fasting: “No Thanks For Thanksgiving… 470 more words


Advanced Funeral Planning in the Inland Empire: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Decide on the Basics.

Determine the type of disposition that you or your loved one prefers, since that will affect several factors. Will it be a traditional burial, an entombment, or cremation? 108 more words