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It was very significant to remember my first time of watching The… 313 more words

#ExodusMovie: When Empire Appropriates the Literature of the Oppressed

Exodus: God’s and Kings? Didn’t like it. But my criticisms do not stem from a concern for biblical literalism. Nor are they centered on the whitewashing of the film’s leading cast (as problematic as that is). 901 more words


Diplomacy Is Shit, The President Is Evil, The Left Is Trash

Today, Obama announced a mild normalization of relations with the Cuban state. That means a US embassy may open in Havana and you’ll be able to bring a few more trinkets back from Cuba legally. 1,391 more words

Ian Ross: War at the Edge of the World (Twilight of Empire) Review

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Ian Ross has been researching and writing about the later Roman world and its army for over a decade. He spent a year in Italy teaching English, but now lives in Bath. 585 more words

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Nothing is more empowering, more enlightening, more entertaining or more encouraging than to see a series dedicated to the talents of African Americans in a vastly all white viewership. 32 more words

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Here is the summary for boardwalk empire season 1 Episode 8 Hold Me in Paradise:

Have you stared on the synopsis of The boardwalk empire… 287 more words