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Should you be selling or buying now?

Years ago I worked with a company that had a cold calling bull pen much like what you see in the in movies.  One of the managers would call clients and say “I have terrible news for you!”  And what followed was an effort to encourage the client to buy or sell.  854 more words

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Cost to Replace an Employee

I have been reading articles regarding the cost of employee turnover, specifically for professionals.  The numbers are staggering.  According to a Center for American Progress study who reviewed over 30 case studies, they found that it costs business roughly about 20% of an employees salary to replace that worker.   170 more words

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Last-Minute Extension to Submit Enrollment Counts for the Reinsurance Fee

A self-insured group health plan must submit enrollment counts to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for contributions to the transitional reinsurance program. Health insurance carriers are responsible for the submission and payment for insured coverage. 58 more words

Employee Benefit

PSAK 24 Imbalan Pasca Kerja / Employee Benefit

PSAK 24 Imbalan Pasca Kerja / Employee Benefit

Contoh perhitungan dengan metode PUC:
Pada tahun pelaporan 31 Desember 20×3 Tuan A bekerja pada PT X dengan gaji sebesar Rp 14.000.000 per bulan sebagai manajer pemasaran. 230 more words


Compliance Alert: HPID Requirements Delayed

The ACA and HIPAA require that self-funded health plans obtain a 10-digit health plan identifier (“HPID”) by November 5, 2014 for large health plans (more than $5 million in annual claim receipts) or November 5, 2015 for small plans ($5 million or less in annual claim receipts), to be used in certain transactions. 283 more words

Employee Benefit

Are Your Employees Driven to Work?

For years I have been studying the effects of culture in the workplace. My goal is to see “when a company creates its culture what is the effect on the bottom line.” In the last few years studies have come out showing when you invest in your human capital it affects your bottom line. 88 more words