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How Training Enriches the Soil for a Culture of Operational Excellence

In business, we make guarantees. We guarantee excellent quality, world-class service, and competitive prices. We need to make guarantees because are customers need to know that we will deliver, and they deserve that peace of mind. 549 more words


is a shorter workweek feasible?

(i found this in my drafts as something i wrote early last summer and never published. but i still find this topic fascinating, even though i’m not sure i would take advantage if i could. 1,580 more words


Building blocks for engagement

The Block kicked off a new season on Australian TV last night.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is a reality show focused on teams of 2 who are in a weekly race to renovate run down apartment rooms and create top-end, designer rooms. 623 more words


Four People Strategies Proven to Boost Your Company's Revenue Potential

Recently, the Gallup organization conducted extensive research across thousands of organizations and work groups to better understand how people practices can make a significant difference to a company’s revenue potential. 501 more words

Talent Strategy

Innovative and Creative New Employee Experience

22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. Imagine the cost impact; if your average salary is $50k per person and you lose 20 people your cost impact is a loss of $3 million. 837 more words

Human Resources

All work and no play makes Jack a stressed boy

Yeah, today’s post title is a nod to “the Shining.” I hear we’re getting a “Bliznado” tonight and all day tomorrow. While I’m a little concerned about losing power, freezing pipes, and whether sharks will be involved, I’m not stressing about Snowpocalypse’s impact on my work. 222 more words