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Work Friends & Social Recognition

All of us want to feel valued for our contribution in the workplace. But there may be a disconnect between what employers think drive this feeling of being valued and what employees actually want and need. 781 more words

Employee Engagement

Are personalities killing your team's performance?

Conventional wisdom says people should leave their personal lives at home when they come to work.  As if people can come and behave like robots, free of emotions, personality and any other ‘ 339 more words


6 key elements of any effective workplace

When HR is doing its job effectively, there should be little doubt – it’s clear when “work works.” Ceridian recently received this unique honor with a 2014 “When Work Works” award, recognizing our effective workplace strategies used to increase business and employee success. 468 more words

Employee Engagement

IBM training program for a 10% pay cut

In their 2013 fiscal year, IBM had revenues of $99.75 BILLION dollars and earnings of almost $15 per share, yet some are predicting their decline and fall… 310 more words

3 ways to prevent employee burnout

As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is to help your employees avoid burnout. When workers are mentally, emotionally and/or physically exhausted, they are less efficient at best, and more prone to serious accidents at worst. 256 more words

Office Culture

"I'm not paid enough!" (Part I)

As managers and HR Pros we have all been faced with this statement before. Whether it is a general statement by some staff (i.e. a ‘feeling’) or perhaps it is coming from someone who reports to you that has been stretched too far on an assignment or spread to thin in their current role, it is a situation that must be addressed because it is one of those sore spot issues that festers, causes resentment over time and ultimately leads to disengagement and turnover. 698 more words