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Tip 1: Student Achievement is Difficult to Improve without Leaders...

Student achievement is difficult to improve without leaders building effective working relationships with employees. This is what we’ve found in our collective work with district and school leaders. 607 more words

How To Lead...

Giving In the Workplace: Make It Work For Everyone!

I’m on Vacation. Enjoying the summer breeze, time with family and friends, swimming, barbecuing and listening to classic summer music like Seals & Croft, The Go Gos’ and The Cars. 639 more words

Employee Engagement

The Ship In Distress

You’re taking on water.  The waves are crashing over the bow, and it looks like you are going down.  Can you save the ship?  It probably depends on the nature of the storm.  659 more words


5 years of work is 39 in cat years

Readers of this space know Terri Edkins from her guest posts on change, loons, and of course cats, among other things. Sunday at 1:38 AM I received this email. 303 more words

How Many Talent Related Studies or Reports Have You Looked At Recently?

I have reposted this article from its recent publication on LinkedIn Long post for anyone who is not an avid LinkedIn networker.

So; how is the message taking forever to sink in? 858 more words


The weakness of hierarchies

The linear hierarchical structure has, almost without exception, become the only type of structure used in organisations. The entrenchment of line-based management in modern organisations reflects the conviction that productivity is an outcome of time-and-motion efficiency.  1,002 more words