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Engaging your employees

Are you part of a fast growing company?  I am.  In the last three months, one third of my team is new.  Our workload has increased dramatically and change is a regular part of our day.  166 more words


Communication and Change Management

In 2003 Towers and Watson began their study on Change and Communication ROI. When the first study came out, it became know that communication was no longer considered a “soft” function.  176 more words

Change Management

The Future of Influence (Part 2)

People with professional backgrounds similar to mine often feel challenged by the question “What do you do?” Since my graduation from college about 20 years ago, I’ve made a living in consultancies consumed by an identity crisis. 1,021 more words

Social Media

Five Guidelines, Item 4: Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

Resuming the Five Guidelines for Becoming UnDisgruntled

Under-promise and over-deliver. This is a more specific method of managing expectations that focuses on the type and quality of service you are providing to your internal or external customers. 694 more words

False Comfort of Control

What would it take for you to leave your job? Let’s say it is not a bad job…you’re not under-employed, the money is sufficient, environment is nice and the people for the most part are pleasant.  517 more words


Five things leaders need to hear about collaboration

Collaboration is not so much about what you do but how you do it.
1. Be clear about your personal intention
The mindset of an entrepreneur, leader or manager has greater impact on the outcome of collaboration than the what or how of what you do. 193 more words

Happiness is a Willingness to...

“Harass our spirits,” my colleague Rich Bluni says, which allows us to “hone the inner resources we need to face whatever life sends our way with courage and commitment” ( 444 more words

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