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"I'm certain I wouldn't have been given the freedom and responsibility anywhere else to progress so quickly" : This is Sophia's RG journey.


My Reward Gateway career started back in October 2008 as the “Employee Services Trainee”. Yes, I know the job title is a bit vague and in some ways so was the job description! 561 more words

Reward Gateway

Happy employees make happy customers? Think again via Venturewire


Interesting analysis by Chi-Pong Wong, Supply Chain Strategy Development Manager at Hewlett-Packard for Venture Wire that Customer Experience and employee experience do not necessarily correlate.   23 more words


More from Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton was very involved with his staff and how they treated the customers. He even asked his employees to adhere to his personal guidelines for success, which he outlined for them. 280 more words

Customer Service

5 customer experience examples from the automotive sector

The great thing about working on customer experience mentoring and programme management is  how transferable ideas and initiatives are across different sectors. Customer is a constant regardless of sector so ideas transfer and inspiration can be taken from other sectors. 951 more words


Happy employees make happy customers? Think again

Conventional wisdom in the business world preaches happy employees make happy customers. But is it really true? Does great employee experience (EX) unquestionably lead to exceptional customer experience (CX)? 738 more words


why so serious, HR?

HR has a credibility gap. We just don’t get the respect we deserve. Or, at least, it seems HR likes to think HR has a credibility gap. 471 more words


branding, HR, and the customer experience

Want to build your company’s brand? Give a close look at your HR department.

That’s not how we typically approach it, is it? There are a ton of articles on branding, but far too many that discuss it as though it’s a separate activity, as though it’s a shiny bit of chrome that gets bolted on to make the company look nice. 528 more words