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As AZ FCU has intentionally run off members, instead of serving them, the number of full-time equivalent employees has not dropped enough in relation.  When you have far fewer members to serve, you should need far fewer employees to serve them.  36 more words


Seth Godin's Linchpin or, The Time I Tipped the Richter Scale

For 100-200 years of industrialized labor, there were 2 roles, management and labor. Now there is a third role, says Seth Godin, the linchpin. The linchpin is a bridge between management and labor, a gift-giver, an artist, a person who thinks on the edge of the box, and the type of employee management should do whatever possible to afford. 968 more words

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Corey Armstrong: He's awesome!

Human Resources welcomes Corey Armstrong from Bennington, Vt.

The last holdout on the Human Resources Team is finally here. Corey Armstrong of Bennington joined us on Monday and will be working at the front desk.  440 more words

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Relationships can change in a heartbeat

What is your go-to behavior when someone says or does something you don’t like? We all have one and it is helpful if you know what yours is… 346 more words

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Departure lounge

So, as mentioned in a previous post, I quit my job last week because I have been offered a new job which gets me back onto my career path. 203 more words

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Pins are pricking my poor body;
It’s night and the owls are gone.
The roar of horsepower have replaced their song,
And night is now a lonely toddy. 152 more words


Member Q & A - Total Storage Solutions NZ

Alison and Trevor Gatland are no strangers to adventure and upheaval having relocated from Victoria to New Zealand in October 2013 to take over a small established self storage business. 360 more words

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