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McNasty, the Unexpected Invitation, and Mary Jane

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. Several things happened that you just cannot make up. In the title, I have referred to three things, however, I feel as though I am leaving something off. 1,613 more words

Is it all worth it?

When I was working as an employee in the corporate world I often asked myself, is it all worth it? I mean, in the morning you wake up early to get yourself ready for work, if you have a long commute you re probably the only one that s up and sitting at the table eating breakfast all alone doesn t make it more fun. 141 more words

Generational Gap Between Co-workers

Today, more than ever, I noticed the impact of generational gaps between co-workers.

In her article Older Workers vs. Younger Workers, Mary Gormandy White discussed the affects of having older employees within an organization which included better attendance records, better customer service, and are loyal, reliable, and dependable. 154 more words

Emotional Intelligence

Virtual Employees

The virtual work force is growing fast and bringing many benefits to companies. According to Chris Ducker, an expert on virtual staffing and author of the book… 325 more words


Ten Steps to Minimizing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover rates can be devastating for some employers. Each lost employee leads to missed opportunities and decreased productivity within the organization, while increasing the burden on current employees. 709 more words

Employee Performance

Independent Contractor versus Employee

Independent contractor versus employee. There is a fine line but it’s a line that you need to seriously consider when determining how you classify and pay those who work for or with you. 685 more words