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"New job" - you are not forgotten

This blog to date has really lived up to the “new baby” and “new cancer” part of its name, but today I’m going to give “new job” a chance to shine. 879 more words


You were unsuccessful this time, thank you. [RANT]

It seems with the rate of unemployment increasing by the second it is becoming harder and harder to earn a living. A student, such as myself, comes out of education in hope of a job and yes we have already heard of how nobody wants us because of our lack of experience and professionalism but why is their no preparation given for this? 213 more words

Texas Subway Employee Files Lawsuit Over Payroll Debit Cards

Austin Oil and Gas Attorney, Gregory D. Jordan Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 1, 2014 A worker at a Subway restaurant outside of Austin, Texas has filed a class action lawsuit against his employer over its practice of paying employees with prepaid Visa cards, which may be subject to fees. 124 more words

My Life In Retail

If you have ever worked in retail, then you have at some point shared the frustrations I experience¬†on a regular basis. No, I don’t mean frustrations from screaming customers, and lazy coworkers. 795 more words


Employee or Independent Contractor? Eleven Tests for Correct Classification

Should your new worker be classified as an independent contractor or employee?  Review these eleven tests, divided into three main categories, to ensure you are classifying correctly.


Tips for Ensuring Meal and Rest Break Compliance

Many California employers face lawsuits for meal and rest break compliance. There’s a lot that can be done to avoid accidentally not providing employees with the meal and rest breaks they’re entitled to. 293 more words

Alcohol Management Policy: Why You Need One

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has handed out almost 1,000 penalties (about $300,000) for liquor law violations year to date (2014). How is your establishment doing with their responsibility of safe service?