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what it's like to be an ex manager observing other managers

I have written as a manger, and as a non manager. I am very happy not being a manager. This post has nothing to do with wanting to be a manager. 995 more words

Innovation Metrics for Local Government Employees

Innovation has become an increasingly important characteristic of employees. Previously only considered an expectation of private sector employees, finding and developing innovative employees is now a common practice in the public sector. 594 more words

General Commentary

Ubisoft Now Has Over 9,000 Employees, May Be Largest Video Game Company

Kotaku’s super sleuth Superannuation has revealed that Ubisoft currently has over 9,000 employees and may be the largest video game company. Ubisoft’s corporate website lists that the company has 9,200 plus employees, 7,800 plus serve in a production related role. 25 more words


Hmmm - More on Health Care in 2014

2014 is moving quickly.  How many set goals that you are already modifying?  (A recent survey revealed that only 8 percent of us actually make good on our New Year’s resolutions.)  Although I am a strong believer in the 10x principle (a topic for another time) given that so many resolutions and goals crash and burn, it is safe to say that quite a few are on the overly ambitious side – at least for the effort we are willing to put out.  353 more words


The Groundswell Inside Your Company

Many managers have a common concern about employees not being committed to company goals. The challenge is how to make those employees feel empowered, connected, and more committed. 822 more words


Your Town

“Marana is Your Town. Marana is My Town. Marana is Our Town.” Mayor Honea officially rolled out Marana’s new Your Town brand during the State of the Town luncheon Friday before a supportive crowd of more than 400 business leaders and residents. 44 more words

The Groundswell Inside Your Company...

Groundswell can be used within a company in order to improve communication with your employees. The same trends that empower customers in the groundswell also applies to employees in a company. 376 more words