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Working 9-5: A way to make a living??

So (again), I come to the end of a fantastic time away. I met a whole bunch of fabulous people and reunioned with my sister and one of my best friends. 436 more words

The Hunger for Professional Development

Last summer, we discussed psychological safety in the workplace, addressing head on how workplace bullying can affect the mental health of employees, the responsibilities employers have in protecting their employees from such harassment, and the steps they can take to ensure their workplaces are psychologically safe for all. 1,006 more words


Bally Chohan: Habituate yourself to recruiters

Seekers want a clear picture of recruiters, they actually are not aware what would work and what not, what to do in order to get a job and what mistake can snatch job from your hands. 270 more words


Why did this graduate need to spend his last £500 on finding a job?

Clever PR Stunt or genuine frustration at not being able to find “real world opportunities”.

“Adam Pacitti, who graduated from the University of Winchester with a First Class degree in Media Studies, recently unveiled a billboard in the London borough of Camden that reads “I spent my last £500 on this billboard. 526 more words


How to expand your career opportunities – Industry Mentoring Program

Over the past few days, I’ve been speaking to grad recruiters about the qualities they seek in the ideal candidate. I’ve also run into some students who are currently going through the application process and feeling frustrated after submitting over fifty applications. 566 more words


Back to the Mothership

I had the rare opportunity to attend a convention that was involving contracting companies.

I knew my two former companies would be there and I had some apprehension seeing them there. 227 more words

My job search has stalled. I feel like I’ve done everything and I haven’t had a call in weeks. What should I do? - April, San Antonio, TX

Looking for a job can be very similar to selling a house or starting a business. You spend all of your time and energy preparing to market your product – in this case, yourself – and when the time is right, you go public. 1,681 more words