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Reed talk

In March we invited UH Alumni: Mike Jones from Reed to discuss careers after graduation with final year Accounting & Finance students.

The presentation provided a great amount of information both on the current job market within the accounting/finance industry as well as giving students an understanding of agencies and the role they play throughout your career. 84 more words

Handle with Care

I have forgotten how to work. Meeting my husband’s cousins who both hold down high-powered jobs in the city reminded me of the world of computers, phones, offices and emails. 332 more words


Virtual Assistant Services Website VA Placements Announces New Complimentary Virtual Workshop Series

The Informative Series will cover a variety of topics, including what work to delegate to a virtual assistant, how to manage performance, and much more. … 493 more words


Concession-stand Conflict

So, what is conflict?

Conflict, defined by Buchanan & Huczynski is, ‘a process which begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something the first party cares about’ 639 more words


Full Employment in Britain?

George Osborne announces changes to our tax system will result in full employment in Britain.

In a speech delivered in Essex, George Osborne discussed the implications of his tax cuts and changes to the welfare system.  429 more words


STA Files: Devon (The Old-Timer)

 Once again, our intrepid interviewer Derrick has squeezed words of wisdom (er, well, at least experience?) from Devon, a three-year STA.  Interested in working at the library?  397 more words


America's Top CEO's Make $300,000 less than Derek Jeter. Good Or Bad? You Be The Judge!

Bloomberg reports that a recent study reports that the average CEO of an S&P 500 company earns 331 times more than an average employee per year. 271 more words