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Madrid office market: Update

– The improvement in the Spanish economy has led to a revival of investor interest in the country’s property market –

There is definitely an increased optimism among investors: the perception of the Spanish property market has improved among international funds and it is no longer of interest to hedge funds only looking for heavily discounted transactions. 410 more words


Labour's minimum wage announcement is much weaker than it seems

Ed Miliband goes into this week’s Labour Party Conference with another ‘big’ announcement. He is pledging to raise the minimum wage to £8 an hour. 232 more words


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      Business as usual... no real change. And what, if anything, does Ed have to say about raising benefits in line with inflation ?

What Do I Want Out of Life?

I want to disappear. I just finished walking to work and I don’t know why I even bother. What am I getting out of this? I can’t quit though. 68 more words

My Life

The True Cost of Travel Information

Regardless of what we do in our daily lives one thing is true (well mostly) that there is a cost associated with most things we do (again we say most as a… 479 more words


The most important place in town

I’m missing public libraries enormously. There were a lot of sensible reasons for moving back to a school library job, but they faded before the end of the first week. 208 more words

Library Life


It happened about a week ago.

While I was concentrating intently on something else entirely, I suddenly thought I felt a tickle in my pocket.  Sure enough, my trusty iPhone was vibrating.  855 more words


Is Step-Free Access Good For Tradesmen?

Occasionally, on the buses or the trains in London, you’ll come across a plasterer, decorator or carpenter going to his job of the day on public transport. 77 more words