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Refugees is a Growth Sector that No other Nation wants!

Marks response on Roel’s blog of the a graph of refugees/nation got me thinking.

Does the fact that other countries are also struggling with the refugee situation excuse Australia, I don’t think so. 561 more words

Unnecessary Anxiety

My mind is in a strange place at the moment. At work (only 4 weeks left) i’m as depressed as I have ever been, though outside of work i’m getting close to being the happiest I have ever been. 424 more words

A Window Into My Mind

Germany: Decreasing the retirement age

With Australia openly discussing increasing the retirement age to 70 it is nice to see other countries considering discussing other options. From the Financial Times. … 530 more words


Australia: Internships are not opportunities

It’s very heartening to see that The Guardian is picking up on the fact that businesses and organisations across Australia, often normalising a very dodgy practice, until recently more prevalent in other parts of the world. 401 more words


Summer Employment

My fears that I revealed in “Coping with Stress” were realized.  The chair of my department didn’t give me a teaching assignment for the summer!  148 more words


Can You Pass Your Next Employer's Google Test? | LinkedIn

What is your online image? Even if you don’t know what that means, you can bet the hiring manager at your dream job does. The internet is here to stay, and more and more employers are relying on it to help thin the stacks of resumes they accumulate during the hiring process. 926 more words

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