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Payroll - the new paymasters?

It is a truth universally to be acknowledged that the man who bills the client is likeliest to get rich.

We have got used to insurance companies and advisers controlling the price of our pension savings schemes. 538 more words


2015/01/28 Shadow FOMC statement

The members of the Shadow FOMC would like to apologize for our extended absence; we were held under house arrest by the agents of Stanley Fisher. 889 more words


Intern Affairs : Should we work for free?

If you’re a young Irish person attempting to break into the world of journalism you’re probably well used to seeing unpaid internships advertised online.

Ranging in length from anything between 3 and 6 months, these positions pop up from time to time and, with so little work up for grabs in the industry, aspiring writers tend to snap them up. 827 more words


Combining Prayers Due to Work or Lack of Location

The following is a very pertinent question that was brought forward by one of the believers:

Assalamu alaikum ya Sheikh

There is a student of medicine who works in clinics and is not allowed to pray during clinics. 160 more words

Abu Jafar Al-hanbali

It's the end of January...

Today’s the 31st. It’s snowing again.hard to believe, we’re a month into the new year already.

We’ve had a whirl wind of winter here in Lethbridge. 403 more words

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This will not be a great post. This will not be picked upĀ The Huffington Post. This is not a post written by someone on the other side of their mental illness, here to offer sweeping insights that will illuminate the darkened corners of the arena of your personal struggle. 193 more words

Is There Time? The Need for Employee Training

I saw a statistic the other day for the number of minutes in a year–525,600. Even taking it a day at a time, the number is 1,440 per day. 162 more words