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Are you Truly Listening?

One of the things that we are taught in basic sales training is that you need to LISTEN to your prospects and clients. It is a skill that many still do not grab the concept of. 404 more words


To Be, The Autism ""World" & Doing Things For The Right Reasons

“If a minority culture doesn’t accept you as much as majority culture, think about following a path of non-conformity”

“The “Autism World” needs to change a lot I have had more lets downs in that world, (there are thankfully diamonds within the rough) than I have in “Mainstream Land” if a world is going to be more diverse then looking at all personal realities would certainly be a viable start.” 68 more words


The people who disapprove of you are your best teachers:

Let’s say there were a 100 people and 98 of them were allowing, supportive of you and 2 weren’t, you know that the greatest benefit that you received was from the 2 who weren’t…Because they gave you an opportunity to find that unconditional place…In other words, people who support you don’t help you find unconditional love. 321 more words

Abraham Hicks

Envision it working out brilliantly and it will

“Just envision it working. Skip over the how, and the where, and the when, and the who and just stay focused on the what and the why.”

Abraham Hicks, 14/3 2000

Abraham Hicks

Be the radiant confident being that you really are!

“Humans have gotten out of sync with their true nature of their being. So much so, that they call the true nature “weird”. -When you see someone confident, what do you say? 53 more words

Abraham Hicks

The South: Sewing Seeds

Pray for us. To preach the gospel with our hand crafts, not only to get money.

Another story is up on OM’s news website. Go check it out!

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A Secret Safe to Tell

On the weekend I was lucky enough – no I was privileged – to attend a friend’s book launch. It was a genuinely moving affair attended by family, friends, fellow authors and publishers and filled with love, compassion and excitement. 326 more words