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” Negative thoughts come from a Misunderstanding “

None of Your Business - Salt-n-Pepa

I’m not quite sure if there’s a sassier pair than Salt and Pepa. Rapping with crushing confidence and power, it just makes me so happy. And as unfortunately relevant now as it was in 1993, this one is all about the frustrations of double-standards, judgement and subsequent abasement. 44 more words

Depression In All Shapes and Colors

So, I’m blogging I never would have thought this would be me, but hey here it goes. I was on the internet the other day and there was a post saying that the founder of the  906 more words


Optional Realities

The concept of linear time is a part of the hologram we’ve created for ourselves and call ‘reality’, whereas our True reality is the infinite moment of NOW. 494 more words


Are you a Mom that feel you lost your identity

Something happens to us women, a transformation so to speak,in life. First you’re young, single, and sexy. You date, you go out, you are trying to figure yourself out, you study, & you hope to find Mr. 395 more words

Lisa Valdes

TFFT: Rely on The Most Powerful Person You Will Ever Know. You!

I am still saddened by how much time and effort people put into running from one spiritual guru to the next, course after course of instruction, instead of putting that same effort into time with themselves, connected to the source of all wisdom and power and love, understanding who they are so that they can live a life that blesses the lives of others. 230 more words