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In a Wordless Space of Inward Beatitude and Grace

Often we are outer-focused and we are swept away by the events or activities we have crafted for ourselves. While we are surely here to offer our gifts and talents, there are also opportunities to know who we are has nothing to do with what we are doing. 555 more words

Spiritual Awakening

It Began With Divine Mentoring and Tutelage

When I first began recording my insights from my meditations, I was clearly being provided with direct tutelage and higher mentoring. This early passage was written before I had fully integrated all aspects of my awareness: 1,045 more words

Spiritual Awakening

What's Important Now? Aggregation

Aggregate is defined as material or structure formed from a loosely compacted mass of fragments or particles. Aggregation is bringing these loosely compacted mass of disparate particles together. 703 more words

The Golden Heart Dialogues