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Spiritual Ecology and Our Audacity to Travel Inward

Once in a while on our journey we travel to a place we could not fathom visiting. It is in the entering we ennoble ourselves. What is required in entering unfamiliar space is to be available to the unknown. 915 more words

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Grounding in the Now

Grounding the now.

We are actually vibrating at a higher octave than we can perceive and yet we are here as if it is still the old. 632 more words

Golden Heart Alchemy Inspiration

June 20 -23 Accessing the Calm A Technology-Free- Weekend of Inspiration and Empowerment

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©201

This weekend I am proposing a technology free-event. I am offering anyone who would like to participate this weekend in a Technology Fast a free copy of my softcopy book… 522 more words

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Bringing Ourselves to Full Consciousness


My divine self is awakened. I realize there is more to life than the outward focus. My wise innate self guides me through this passage. 477 more words

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The Gifts of Our Birthright

Our values reflect who we are and our contribution to humanity. What is it that we are doing at this time? What is our ultimate contribution? 327 more words

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