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November and December can be very difficult for a large number of people:  It’s the holidays, when friends and family supposedly gather to celebrate and enjoy each others company. 280 more words


Social Forces

What is your influence?

Have you confronted yourself?

That is by questioning your daily


To see if your disposition

Is it what was prescribed for you. 276 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

What every "Enlightened person" knows, but never talks about...

Sometimes is just hard to explain how you are different now when you become enlightened and get feed up with others. You do see the courage inside of yourself and other things people can’t see…I choose to stay focus on success but more importantly the joy of life

Empowered Motivation

Be Crazy Enough To Believe You Can!

Whether angrily or jokingly, someone at one point in my life has told me how crazy I was. At first I used to get really offended by it. 262 more words


Are mistakes a part of your Organisational culture?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, dinner and lunch”

  -Peter Drucker

 What do you think it means?

I think he wants to convey to us, not that strategy is not important  but it rather declares that any specific strategy a company employs  will only be successfully implemented, if supported by the  appropriate Organisational culture. 232 more words

Corporate Culture

Celebrating life...

I’m having Midnight Champagne. With myself. Celebrating my life.
I’ve never been so extremely comfortable with celebrating, let alone celebrating my own life. It’s really taken me a while to be at ease and peace with myself and to get en sense of what that is for me. 69 more words


Angry and Afraid (NaBloPoMo, Day 26)

In the last two days, the reality behind what has occurred in Ferguson has created more anger, more frustration, and left many of us who are people of color to remember why we are constantly afraid, and bringing up race. 432 more words