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Ne Cede Malis, Yield Not to Misfortune

Recently, some students from my former high school dressed in all black as a silent demonstration in respect of and support for the black and brown bodies lost to police brutality. 777 more words

Staying true to your brand.

FYI: I have officially completed my first semester of law school, God is good!  So, one of the most interesting things I observed among law students over the semester was… 703 more words

Join Me On Ello!

Hi everyone!

I just received my invitation to Ello today! I’m now a member of this ad free social network! I am just now checking it out and getting acquainted. 221 more words


An Open Letter To Ophelia

Dear Ophelia,

You don’t know me but I know you. Times haven’t been easy lately and I can see it slowly destroying your mental state. Your father, Polonius, has died long before it was his time and we all saw how close you guys were. 359 more words


Oasis Wellness Empowerment Series #2: Disempowering Patients through Fear, Coercion, and Force

Please note that we will be phasing out this blog page. But don’t despair! You can all of our blogs over on our Oasis Wellness website, w… 1,116 more words


Solving Your Problems

All problems are not alike

You may say

They are not equal

But these techniques

I have used them

You may have seen them

But I want to break them down… 217 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

Mistakes, time and youth.

When we are young we make mistakes as we keep making them throughout our lives. Yet the difference lies in that when we are young the margin to correct those mistakes and learn from them is wider. 192 more words