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Trauma, the Journey of Suffering and Growth.

(Continued from post: Do not Fix Me, Please Be With Me – https://corimuscounseling.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/do-not-fix-me-be-with-me-please/)

Trauma is not something we can ask for, and certainly we have no control of it. 359 more words


7 Characteristic That Should Be Apart Of Your Portfolio

Character traits can be learned. 

Are you Passionate about what you do? Are you Open to learn more? Are you accepting full Responsibility for the actions you are taking in life? 247 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

Making Your Bed





When I was a little girl, my mom always told me to make my bed because it would be my first accomplishment of the day and because when someone walked into my room, it was a representation of me. 430 more words


Filling the world with love

“Our aim is to fill the world with ten million LoveBubbles in the App’s first year. With that much LoveBubble energy floating around, we know our world will be a loving, harmonious and abundant place.” Stephen Greaves, LoveBubble creator


So the reason I started this blog was to keep an update on my community service project. Clearly, I’ve changed course, but I did want to provide an epilogue for you. 172 more words


Choices and Stories -- We Decide

I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and one of the toasts was about how we all make choices in our lives. He went through a list — we choose what to do with our time, and we choose who to spend our time with and who to let into our lives in a deeper way. 322 more words


LoveBubble is here <3

Connect with love.

Welcome to the world of LoveBubbles, a magical world where LoveBubbles inspire, care and fill the world with love, happiness and warmth. 96 more words

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