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My Magical Word for 2015 (and the 96 Year Old Yogi) - PART I

Le Background

We can’t predict the things that happen in our lives. But we can choose how to live. Do we approach life feeling like a victim, with doom and gloom hanging over our heads? 377 more words


Reimagining Performance Management Design - People First

“It’s not about the world of design, but, the design of the world”- Bruce Mau

The performance management system has today become a more holistic and all encompassing mechanism towards managing people and business in general. 419 more words


Sometimes the "Critical" in Critical Care is Actually Pretty Basic

I’ve never been a ward nurse. Theatre, then ICU. Lots of nursing roles within those areas, but never ward nursing.


One of my favourite nursing roles is the Outreach Nurse. 1,134 more words

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The Symbolic Meaning of Jellyfish

Jellyfish are symbolic for faith and favor, experiencing a breakthrough. In whatever form necessary. Often something is required as an offering to remove a blockage such as your inner wisdom or your time. 323 more words


~ Ascension Guidance Message ~ 28 January - 2 February ~ Co-Creation in the New

 Greetings, Divine Masters!

As we’re going through this reflection/adjustment period, that is a result of the incoming waves of Light from the beginning of the year, we have to constantly re-create ourselves in such manner that it reflects our Soul desires/purpose. 687 more words


Slam poetry: rape jokes

Powerful women modeling how to access that fire and use your voice.