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Blazing and Fading

Let me tell you of how Youth hangs on the verge between blazing and fading, when all we want is not to sit in the uselessness of our rooms, ignored by the world. 63 more words


Thoughtful Thursday

Silence abounds
Sadness ensues
In the stillness of  my mind
the gaping void is all I feel
Dreams are buried
emptiness surrounds

Secrets are kept… 53 more words


Misunderstood Sadness

I was accused of being sad several times. As i look back at days when i was sad, i try to explain why. Why was i sad? 172 more words



Sometimes, the things that hurt the most are the things we never had.



Where did all the words disappear?
Emptiness sends a dull echo.
Tired thoughts are dancing,
clenched hands,
the side view,
to the missing constellation strives. … 59 more words


I See It Again

So here’s the unadulterated truth. I went over there because I was grasping for anything. Literally, anything. He wanted me there. Really, he wanted my body there, but in my twisted, broken state of mind, someone wanted me there. 636 more words

And Emptiness Creeps in..

What Can I say! It just does.. No matter what, you just cant control it at times!

Well all relationships are going strong, work is good, goals & aspirations are in front, people are appreciating everything I do… Everything seems to be almost perfect. 431 more words