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One Extreme or the other.

Yesterday I found myself pacing around the house, I just couldn’t sit still. When I did manage to sit down, I couldn’t concentrate. It was like being in a snow storm of thoughts, none of them very interesting or helpful. 237 more words

A House In The Clouds by R.M. Duchene

Hank Anderson could hear them talking around him. They thought that he couldn’t, but he could – every word. The Illness that confined him to a hospital bed left him weak, and the struggle to move or speak had become too unbearable. 2,154 more words

The Twisted Path Group

Bridging Emptiness and Mindfulness: Enter Alice Walker

-In my preface to the last post I said that I would address how I became interested in mindfulness, and yet failed to address this head-on. 1,044 more words



Hey, how have you been?
This question is not a question
as in question/answer,
but a contact point, an act
of connection.

It rests in the natural… 134 more words


Tongues of Fire...

The mind in a caged sleep, tears shed,

the thoughts of false caring that others

portray is a lie. Their spitefulness in

thought held captive the sleeping mind… 88 more words


Damn You

We expected

Not to miss you

But damn you!

We do.

Maybe cause 

‘Matkas’ have taken over

The canteen.

It now reeks of emptiness.

Or maybe cause… 38 more words



I’ve done all the things you have suggested
I’ve said all you’ve asked me to say
Still it lingers heavy in my presence
This emptiness just won’t go away… 132 more words