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The Long Horizon

“There is nothing but a plank between a sailor and eternity” – Thomas Gibbons

The hand-written note I discovered in the boat’s galley was probably waiting for me a couple of days. 288 more words


LISTEN: Is Something Missing In Your Life? / 听:是缺了点什么。在你的生命?/ Tīng: Shì quēle diǎn shénme. Zài nǐ de shēngmìng?

What do you find your happiness in? What do you look forward to doing in life? Is there a special person that you love to see because they just make your day? 1,032 more words

Good News

Vicious Circle

I want to take your solace,

You know I can

But I do not want to die

I maybe heartless but I can still feel the cold… 198 more words