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There's something I want to do,
Don't know how to name it, though;
I feel a sense of emptiness
perhaps an unfathomable emptiness. 144 more words

Things Don't Feel The Same

I haven’t written on this blog in a while now. Almost a month. I have had many attempts, but they all seemed half-hearted. Stories about passing crushes, frustrations, things that make me come alive–all the usual things I have been writing about. 298 more words


Three Voices

Voice One
Color blind;
You say, “rainbow,”
You say, “color wheel,”
Failing to show.
Dip my brush,
The darker grey
Spread on tight canvas–
Which colors are they? 163 more words


why not grad school?

Both R’s grad school for an MFA in Creative Writing and T’s grad school for (something like) linguistics and neuroscience are forks in the road that I arrived at because I did grad school for GIS instead. 759 more words


LISTEN: Is Something Missing In Your Life? / 听:是缺了点什么。在你的生命?/ Tīng: Shì quēle diǎn shénme. Zài nǐ de shēngmìng?

What do you find your happiness in? What do you look forward to doing in life? Is there a special person that you love to see because they just make your day? 1,032 more words

Good News