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Empty room

A friend of ours is moving in with us in just under three weeks time and he’ll be lodging with us for about six months. In preparation of his arrival, hubby and I spent one rainy Saturday afternoon clearing out his room, which we had been using as a spare room/storage space/laundry drying room. 283 more words


Finally Finished

Wow, cannot believe how long it’s been since i’ve written! So much happening but I feel that i’ve accomplished a few fantastic things! One being my new piece title “Remembering” and secondly, my application to have my own pop up gallery has been accepted. 410 more words

#25 - Something You Lost

I never knew I was magic, but apparently I am.  How else could I make a $20 bill vanish in thin air while standing in a completely empty room, save for a single kitchen chair sitting in the corner? 

145 more words


The golden rays of fiery sun-

Keep me warm when I’m no more.

On the side of this mountain-

From my eyes, tears spill.

One by one, they roll down my face; 108 more words


Who needs an extra room?

The daily prompt asks this interesting question: An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. 191 more words

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